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"I am blown away from the Team’s information and guidance to personal empowerment. To joining and re-remembering your ‘Greatness.
Highly recommend this journey."

     - Recent Amazon review ( June 13, 2022)

“Consider each of the Rays as a guided divine meditation; stop, feel, listen and discuss each component as you move through the workbook as is suggested. Embrace change as you rediscover, with love and guidance, the divinity that is inside you, the beautiful person that is YOU.”                                                                                          - Blue Wolf Review

From the introduction: “This first workshop, the Foundational Level Workshop, is designed to help you embrace the Divine within yourself. Think of the Rays as our Divine Inheritance. It is, however, an inheritance that most have never heard of. While these introductory examples demonstrate the efficacy of the Rays, the real challenge before all of us is to embrace our Divine Heritage.”


In these foundational level workbooks, I present five easy to use applications using the first three Rays that help to reduce stress, lessen resistance to change, reduce loneliness, manifest your desires, and successfully use the Law of Attraction.

TwelveRays_workbookII_flat cover.jpg

Are you ready for a new way to experience your life? Have you had enough pain and suffering? You create your own reality so why not create your life with grace and ease? 

The Rays of Experience are tools to help us create harmony, balance, and opportunity in this physical dimension.


New Release

You Are More provides you with an easy-to-follow roadmap of how to use the new, higher Rays of Soul Integration to break through to New Awareness.

The New Awareness begins with remembering our connection to our soul level consciousness that has always been there.  

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