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Connection - Our Natural State

Connection with all life is our natural state of being, our default personal perspective, in our other dimension of existence. We experience connection to one another in that other dimension. We experience connection to that greater mind. We experience connection to the Creator.

How do you appreciate having something unless you experience not having it? One of the unique characteristics of this relative dimension that we are currently experiencing is the illusion of separation. We come here to experience the illusion of separation in order to deepen our appreciation of our connection to all things. I keep referring to it as an illusion of separation because we are never actually separated from our real identities, our whole-selves.

More specifically, the illusion of separation refers to feeling separated from that other part of ourselves, the part that exists in a dimension beyond this relative dimension. There are many names for this part of who we are. Some refer to it as our souls. Others refer to it as our higher self. I like to refer to it as our whole-self because this is the aggregation point for all of our experiences in all the dimensions.

I have just published the next chapter, “Connection – Our Natural State”, in my new book, Metatron’s Cube – A Working Model . There are illusions of separation here in this relative dimension. Many of us think of our minds as being separate. Perhaps not all of our mind, just certain parts like our ego or perhaps our nonconscious mind. Many also feel separated from their body. It is almost as if the body has a mind of its own. Of course it does! And that mind is helping it to survive as best as it can in spite of what we put it through. We also can feel separate from each other. However, there is connection in all of this.

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