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Consciousness Responds to Thought

Is human consciousness the only form of consciousness that exists? What do you think? In this blog I’m going to challenge you to examine your beliefs about consciousness. Consciousness seems to be a concept that is hard to define. How would you go about defining consciousness? Are there multiple levels of consciousness depending upon the life form that you are considering? Do animals have consciousness? Is human consciousness different than animal consciousness? Do plants have consciousness?

It seems that any definition of consciousness needs to be somewhat abstract. One definition that I like to use for consciousness is the tendency to self-awareness, or self-expression. So, I would suggest that anything that demonstrates a tenancy to self-expression or self-awareness possesses consciousness. There are countless other definitions of consciousness. This one makes sense to me. I’m not sure we can say that any one definition is better than any other.

When we discuss conscious we immediately think of human consciousness and naturally so. I don't believe that human consciousness is the highest level of consciousness in the universe. I believe our consciousness that exists in the higher dimensions is a higher level of consciousness than our human expression of consciousness. That's just my personal opinion and I'm not expecting everyone to agree with my opinion. When we contemplate the consciousness of other life forms, like plants and animals, we need to see it as a different form of consciousness. It is not appropriate to compare it to human consciousness.

Allow me to suggest that one of the characteristics of consciousness is communication. When we talk about animal consciousness, it is clear that animals communicate with each other. Recent research has demonstrated that trees and bushes in the forest communicate with each other using an underground network of mushroom fibers.

How about other life forms like the cells in your body? Do they have consciousness? Again from modern research, we know that the cells in our body are in constant communication with each other. We also know that the organelles within the cells communicate with each other. But what about the bacteria and viruses within the body? Researchers have again demonstrated that there is constant communication among the smallest of Microbes within the body. An important observation here is that it seems as though decisions are made based upon the information that is conveyed in these communications. That seems to me to be a valid description of consciousness.

Whether or not an atom has consciousness is something that could be debated. My personal belief is that there is consciousness in the smallest expression of energy and therefore since all matter is made of energy there is consciousness in everything.

Why is this important? You may remember from an earlier blog this quote from the team,

“In order for intelligence to act there must be intelligence to be acted upon.” The intelligence that is referred to here is consciousness. When we send out our thoughts in terms of directives, remember our discussion about directive thought, there must be something that receives those thoughts and reacts to them. This is how we as creators, either in the higher dimensions or in this relative dimension, manifest our reality.

This simple concept, when we send out our directive thoughts, there is an intelligence, a consciousness that responds to them, is key to working with the Platonic solids for healing. When we discuss healing with the Platonic solids, we must believe that the shapes are reacting to our directive thoughts and that balance is being restored. That is one definition of healing, the restoration of energetic balance.

I understand that it might seem like a giant leap of faith to believe that geometric shapes contain consciousness. The Platonic solids are more that geometric shapes. We use these three-dimensional shapes to represent images that we can conceptualize. Remember from my previous blog, the Platonic solids not only have consciousness but also transmit consciousness between dimensions. Any image that we create doesn’t effectively represent their higher dimensional characteristics.

My intention with this specific blog is to plant a seed, a seed that asserts that consciousness exists at all levels of creation and each of these are unique expressions of consciousness. One is not better or higher than any other. There are certainly levels of complexity, but complexity doesn’t mean superiority. After all, there is really only one consciousness, and we are all just different expressions of the one.

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