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Expansion and Contraction within Metatron's cube

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

In the preceding blog, we focused our attention on the expansion and contraction of the tetrahedron. Each Platonic solid has a special relationship with one of the other Platonic solids. There are two concepts within projective geometry that are of particular interest for us and they are duality and polarity. For our purposes in describing the movement of the platonic solids, I am just going to focus on duality. Simply put, the dual of something is its opposite.

When it comes to the Platonic solids, there are three sets of duals. We have already discussed the tetrahedron and the unique fact that it is dual to its inverted self. In this blog I will focus on the hexahedron octahedron relationship. The hexahedron or cube is the dual of the octahedron. How is a hexahedron the opposite of an octahedron?

From a projective geometry perspective, we are concerned with the faces of the shapes and the corners or vertexes of the shape. The face of a hexahedron is a square. Each face can also be called a plane. Each plane has a middle point to it. The face of an octahedron is a triangle. When you place an octahedron inside of a cube, each vertex of the octahedron touches the cube at the midpoint of each plane. See the image on the left below.

The Hexahedron and the Octahdron are duals.

When you place the cube inside the octahedron, you get the same result. Each vertex of the cube touches the midpoint of each plane of the octahedron. Because of this unique relationship with the other, they are referred to as duals of each other.

Now for the movement within Metatron's cube . They actually expand and contract within each other. While the hexahedron is contracting, the octahedron is expanding until they change places. The movement starts out as the left shape and then progresses to the right shape. Click on the video below to see an animation of what this looks like.

The Platonic solids function multidimensionally sustaining life and creating form in our world. They work transmitting consciousness between dimensions, between our third dimension and the fifth dimension. This pulsating action of the duals actually opens the portal between the two dimensions. That is why it is being mentioned here. There will be much more about the Platonic solids moving consciousness between dimensions when we get to discussing healing with the Platonic solids.

I realize that it may be extremely difficult to visualize this expansion and contraction motion within a rotating Metatron’s cube. Don’t worry. I am including this ebb and flow motion in order to more accurately describe the complex motion within Metatron’s cube. Try to create a rotating image of Metatron’s cube in your mind’s eye as best you can. We really use the mental image to help us keep our thoughts focused on the outcome we wish to achieve.

There is one more dual relationship within Metatron’s cube and that is the dodecahedron icosahedron relationship. That is the topic of the next blog.

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