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Flying Monkeys

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Have you ever seen flying monkeys? I don’t mean little ones. I mean big, flying monkeys. Let me tell you. They are scary. Especially when the Wicked Witch of the West sends them after you. They knocked the stuffing out of the scarecrow and they kidnapped Dorothy and Toto.

And why did the Wicked Witch of the West want to kidnap Dorothy? She wanted the ruby slippers. Dorothy started wearing them after her house fell on the Wicked Witch of the East. The ruby slippers were magical. And with them Dorothy begins her journey to find her way back home.

Dorothy’s journey is the hero’s journey. Joseph Campbell in his book “The Hero with a Thousand Faces” describes the hero’s journey. Campbell studied religious, spiritual, mythological and literary classics including the stories of Osiris, Prometheus, the Buddha, Moses, Mohammed, and Jesus. Campbell cites the similarities of the stories and references them as he breaks down the structure of the hero’s journey.

The Journey starts out with life as usual and then generally speaking some extraordinary event propels the hero, more often than not, begrudgingly to some magical land. In Dorothy’s case, it was the tornado that transported her to OZ. There the hero is given some special magic, the ruby slippers, to help him or her successfully overcome the obstacles that are to come.

When the final challenge is overcome, a reward is generally bestowed on the hero and he or she returns back home. The scarecrow gets his brain, the tin man his heart, and the cowardly lion his courage. Dorothy’s reward is a little bit harder to describe. What I remember is that she is told she could have returned home any time she wanted. She didn’t realize the ruby slippers gave her that power.

There have been many movies since the Wizard of OZ that follow the sequence of events that Campbell describes as the hero’s journey. Star Wars absolutely fits into that category. As a matter of fact ,George Lucas sites Joseph Campbell as a major influence in his writing. Luke Skywalker’s life is changed when two androids fall from the sky. Sound familiar? And his magic is of course “the Force”.

The Harry Potter films followed using the same general format of the hero’s journey. Ironically, his magic is magic. As a matter of fact, most action films in recent times have more or less followed the same format of the hero’s journey. Campbell reports that the earliest known use of the hero’s journey was over four thousand years ago in the ancient Mesopotamian epic poem of Gilgamesh.

What is there about this type of a story that keeps it relevant over the ages? It must be relatable. But what do we see in it that makes it so relatable? Perhaps each one of us sees ourselves on the hero’s path?

Can you imagine yourself as a hero? If you think about it long enough, I bet you are a hero to someone. If you are a parent, you are most likely a hero to your children. Perhaps you are a hero of sorts at your work? If you do community work, you might bee seen as a hero to those whom you serve.

Let me suggest that you are also a hero to yourself. That’s right. Wherever you find yourself today, you got there because of the decisions and the actions you took. So, what if things are particularly challenging for you right now? Congratulations! You are facing yet another dragon to slay, another windmill to defeat, another challenge to move beyond.

How are you going to defeat this latest obstacle? Use your magic! You have used your magic in the past. You have used your youth and your energy and your wits and your know how to get you this far. But what if none of those tools will work for what lies in front of you now? Then go get some new tools. Sometimes the tools that you have are tried and true but old and won’t work when you find yourself in strange, new situations.

So, you look around for new tools and use your discernment to evaluate, “will these new tools help me in the current situation I find myself in?” Only you can answer that question and sometimes the only way you really know is by trying the new tools out.

Several years ago we received information from our “Team” about a new set of tools. Our “Team” is a group of non-corporeal beings who have been directly communicating and working with us for over 15 years. The tools were given to us to use personally and to share. They are our magic and we use them on our journeys.

We have shared them in live workshops and through books. They are called the Twelve Rays. We described our introduction to them in our book entitled, “The Reality of Your Greatness”. We added a level one workbook entitled, “The Twelve Rays: Practical Applications” which introduces practical applications for the first three Rays, the Rays of Aspect. I refer to these Rays as our Divine Heritage.

I find the definition of these first, three Rays to be very similar to the Christian Trinity. The First Ray represents the creative force of the Creator. The Second Ray represents Love and Wisdom which I describe as the essence of Jesus. And the Third Ray represents the manifesting aspect of the Holy Spirit.

The major difference is that these three Rays are ours to bring into our physical being and are ours to command. And when we do, it reminds us of our direct connection to Source, or All That is, or God. Use whatever name is comfortable for you.

I’m excited to announce that the second workbook in the series, which offers practical applications for the next four Rays, is entitled,” Create Your Life with Grace and Ease”. It will be available very soon. As the title indicates, the next four Rays, the Rays of Attributes, deal with our daily experiences here in this dimension. They directly help you to stop creating your life through pain and suffering. Learn how to create your life instead with grace and ease by using these tools.

I’m still working on the third workbook in the series. This book deals with the new Rays, Rays Eight through Ray Twelve. These Rays have only been available since around the 1980s. We refer to them as the Rays of Soul Integration. For now, you can read about them in the original book.

I am in the process of putting together new online workshops to take the place of the live workshops that I used to offer. These workshops will be available very soon and will take you through the practical applications that are contained in the workbooks. Please visit for more information on my new book and for information on the upcoming online workshops.

Thanks for your bravery in following your hero’s journey. Please consider the Twelve Rays as a set of tools that can help you make progress on that journey. The Twelve Rays might just be your new magic. They work for us and I wholeheartedly recommend them. Why not give them a try!

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