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Healing with the Platonic Solids - Connection

How do you know connection without experiencing separation? How do you know hot without experiencing cold? How do you know light without experiencing darkness? We live in a reality of duality; hot and cold, light and dark, young and old, the duality goes on and on and on.

How many of us have felt the loneliness of separation? I know I have! What if there were purpose in experiencing separation? What if that experience of separation is what helps us to better understand connection? I've often stated that in the higher realms, the higher dimensions we are connected to one another in ways that are difficult to understand with our human minds.

It's easy to understand that in that reality of connection we would have no experience of separation, or at least an experience of separation that was very different from our human experience of separation. You often hear individuals describe our experience here in this dimension is being an illusion, even though it feels very real. What I believe they mean by this characterization of our experience as an illusion is that it is not our natural environment. It is not the condition that we exist in in the higher dimensions.

People often ask, “Why do we have this human experience?” Here is one substantive answer. We have a human experience of separation to balance our experience of connection. I believe that we experience polarity in order to create an understanding of synthesis. When you have experienced both sides of the polarity you can pause and contemplate the meaning of the synthesis. For example, once you have experience both hot and cold you can create an understanding of temperature. And you may find that the most pleasant experience of temperature is somewhere in between hot and cold.

Consider for a moment the synthesis of the experiences of connection and separation. This synthesis clearly points to the notion of self-identity. Do we define who we are based upon our awareness of our connection to others or do we define who we are based upon our experience of separation? Perhaps it is time to see ourselves as both connected and separated?

One of the greatest personal ah-ha moments that I've had is understanding that we indeed have never been disconnected from our higher selves, our whole selves. We can buy into the illusion of separation here in this dimension and have that experience of separation and all the emotions that go with it, emotions of loneliness, fear, anger, etc.

It's one thing to be reminded of our connection to our higher selves, it is quite a different thing to accept the connection. In order to accept the connection, we have to make some major adjustments to the way we see the world and our own self-image. You might say to yourself, I understand the concept that I've always been connected to my whole self, but I'm not quite sure I believe it. And that's fine because the adjustments to your beliefs have not yet taken place. So how do you work on making those adjustments?

My suggestion is you take it one step at a time. Take the time to examine your beliefs and see which one holds the most resistance to this new concept of connection. What do you need to let go of in order to accept this new belief of connection? As you begin to accept the concept of connection, you can begin to explore all the different facets of it. What to do with it? Where do you want to go within that large space of connection? How do you want to use that resource?

As you begin to accept the concept of connection, you may choose to honor yourself by drawing awareness around you that is nurturing and healthy, vibrant, strong, uplifting not just in a physical way but in the most powerful spiritual, connected way.

Every single person has a connection to support from the higher dimensions as large or as small they are open to receive. You may think of that as a past relative or relation or you may open to energies and place names on them like guides or teachers. No one is disconnected. It's impossible. And the greatest relationship is with yourself, the energy of who you are that's looking down and sharing with you every step of your journey.

You can become aware of your brilliance by exploring and experiencing through a new set of beliefs. I refer to our beliefs as a filter and you can use your new filter to accept your grandness, your greatness, and miracles. You can see this filter as a filter of connection, a filter of joy by celebrating others in their successes. It allows you to open up your consciousness to a greater awareness.

We have a world, interestingly enough, that lives in a hypnotic state. Many of us function that way allowing our filters to rule our lives unaware of our power to restructure ourselves, to communicate in different ways to our cells in our bodies, to let go of the obstructions that create disease, to build around us a network that can open us to a brilliance of who we really are beyond the illusion of this dimension.

This concept of having a foot in both worlds, one in this earthly dimension and one in the higher dimensions simultaneously might be new to many. I believe it is a new awareness for humankind. When we understand this synthesis between connection and separation, we will change the way we understand the concept of healing. This is why connection is so important to the concept of healing. Once you open to that connection with your whole self, you begin a new journey into healing.

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