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How to Create Using Metatron's Cube

There is an entire personal development industry that is based on the premise that thoughts are things. Leaders in that industry like Prentice Mulford, Bob Proctor, and Ernest Holmes have written books with that title. Others have enthusiastically taught this principle. They explain that the way to achieve your personal goals in life is to change your thoughts. Thoughts are very powerful. Thoughts are things!

I have just published the next chapter, “Directive Thought”, in my new book, Metatron’s Cube – A Working Model . Directive thought is thought with a specific purpose or goal. When we create specific goals, we are using directive thought that identifies our intentions. Directive thought instructs the energy to manifest whatever it is that we as creators desire to manifest. That may seem too easy and too simplistic, but it is pretty much the way things work. They work this way because there is intelligence in the energy that understands our intentions and knows how to manifest them in this dimension. The key to this is using directive thought. This is essentially the way the Law of Attraction works.

Use your directive thought to activate Metatron’s cube. You don’t have to understand how to position the Platonic solids within Metatron’s cube. Because you are working with energetic constructs that have intelligence this is done for you when you clearly state what your objective is in working with Metatron’s cube.

Learn more about how to use Metatron’s cube with directive thought in this latest chapter of my book. Click here to be taken to my Kindle Vella page.

Kindle Vella is a new service offered by Amazon. It allows the author to publish their book one chapter at a time and allows the reader, you, to read the book one chapter at a time. The first few chapters for each book are free. How is that for being risk free? Click here to be taken to my Kindle Vella page.

Give my new book a try. As I mentioned, the first few chapters are free.

New chapters are on the way!

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