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Life Before Birth

There has always been a lot of discussion about what happens after death. Most major religions teach that there is a part of us that continues on when we pass over. I mean if there wasn’t a reward after living a life according to the rules and regulations of modern religion, what hold would they have over people? But how often do you hear about life before birth? I don’t come across much discussion of it and I find this very curious.

When I moved to Germany after graduating college a long time ago, I was struck by the huge stork nests that were plentiful in the area that I lived in. I know we have all read the children’s stories about storks bringing babies and that might be because Hans Christian Andersen wrote about it in the 19th century.

In the 20th century, storks were largely considered a sign of good luck in the rural communities around Germany. Here is a nice picture of one on a roof top. People actually build platforms for the nests to attract a mating couple. I made mention of the storks because I wanted to make sure that people don’t still believe that storks bring babies.

Here is a question that I love to ask my clients when I first meet with them, “Who were you before this lifetime?” You would be surprised how many people have never thought about it. If you believe that some part of you continues on after death, then where and when was that part created? Was it created the day you were born or was it created before that?

The simple answer would be it was created as you were born. But there is no way to prove that. So, it is just as likely that it was created before you were born. And then that begs the question, “Where was your soul (that part of you that lives on after death) born?

Now you might be tempted to answer in heaven and that would again be the easy answer. Pinpointing heaven is not as easy as it used to be. I mean it is clearly not above the clouds. So, where is heaven exactly? Perhaps we can agree on a more scientific answer and consider heaven to be in a different dimension. If that is the case, then we probably should stop referring to it as heaven. Just call it what you think it might be, a different dimension.

You might be asking yourself where am I going with all this? Not that far actually. If you consider your existence before this current lifetime, then it isn’t a big step to see yourself as being from that other place or dimension. That means that your physical form here is not who you really are. It you were created in another dimension and you return to that dimension when your time here is done, then doesn’t that make you a resident of that other dimension? I think it does. Perhaps we can consider ourselves to be just visitors to this dimension.

What might our home dimension look like? That is an entirely different discussion that I’ll get into in my next blog. Let’s just imagine that it is very different from this dimension and that is why I keep reminding people that, “You Are More”. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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