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Listen, Feel, and Connect

“I’m just one book away from enlightenment”, she said half jokingly. I remember hearing a woman share those words with the group during a seminar a long time ago. We all kind of chuckled. But I wonder how many of us think that the answers we are looking for are in books?

I have heard it often asserted that all the answers that we are looking for are within us. So, which one is right? I whole heartedly believe that our answers can be found inside of ourselves. We have to ability to use our minds to connect to our higher minds which contain wisdom that we normally do not have access to while in this relative dimension. Some refer to this as meditation. Others call it prayer. The label we use doesn’t much matter.

If books don’t provide us with enlightenment, then just what role do they play? I believe books help us to connect. They help us connect to our feelings and emotions. They help us to connect with our loved ones and our friends. They help us to connect with others we don’t even know but can empathize with through their stories. They provide us with motivation. And

they provide us with tools to seek the answers that lie buried within us.

That is what the Twelve Rays are. They are tools to help us all with our life’s journey. When we acquire a new tool of any kind, most of the time it comes with an operator’s guide that contains instruction on how to safely and correctly use the tool. After all, how useful is a tool if we don’t know how to use it?

My latest book, “You Are More – Using the Rays of Soul Integration to Break Through to New Awareness”, is the third book in the series of operator’s guides on how to use the Twelve Rays. Like the two preceding books in the series, this book uses audio and visual aides to help the reader connect with the higher Rays, The Rays of Soul Integration. The cover isn't ready yet so I'm using a blank one for now.

Listen, Feel, and Connect

As each Ray is introduced in each book, there is a short exercise that I call Listen, Feel, and Connect. Each exercise has an original piece of abstract artwork that was created by Melinda Radcliffe. I have combined this artwork with original music that was composed and is performed by Richard Shulman. Here is a sample of what I mean using the Ninth Ray.

These exercises are designed to introduce the reader to the energy of the particular Ray. They are not meant to be practical applications of the Ray. That comes next.

Guided Journeys

There is at least one guided journey for each Ray. These are similar to meditations except that I guide you the entire time. All you need to do is start the recording and sit back. The recordings for these guided journeys are available free of charge on my website These guided journeys are practical applications of the Rays. Here is an example using the Eleventh Ray.

All of the exercises and all of the guided journeys that are included in all three of the books in this series are available free of charge on my website I invite you to try them out and see how they resonate with you.

The recording of these guided journeys and then posting them to You Tube and ultimately to my website are great examples of some of the tasks that need to be completed before my new book can be released. Remember what I said in the last blog, there is more to creating a book than just writing a manuscript. I’m not done yet. There are more updates to come.

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