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Metatron's Cube - A building block for all that exists.

What is there about Metatron's cube that makes it worthwhile to spend so much time to understand its composition? I'd like to share with you a quote from our team as they explained the nature of Metatron’s cube and our misperception of it.

“Metatron’s cube is a building block for all that exists in your world, a template. As you breathe, so breathes the energy contained in Metatron's cube. All of this is moving, but you see it as flat “.

When I first heard this statement my curiosity was of course piqued. I was very interested in learning just how Metatron’s cube is used as a template for all that exists in our world. However, the second statement is also very interesting. I wondered, ”What does it look like when it breathes?” I decided to begin this blog series by talking about the two dimensional misrepresentation of Metatron's cube.

In this latest blog I will finish up our discussion of the shapes within Metatron's cube. There are three additional shapes in Metatron's cube that we have not yet talked about. These three shapes are not platonic solids. The first one is the circle/sphere. The circle is a two dimensional representation of a sphere. As you will notice in the image of Metatron's cube there are 13 small circles within Metatron's cube. Here is how the team has described the circles.

“The circles are the key for without these circles you have no point of reference. “

Now what does that mean? I've mentioned before that Metatron’s cube is fractal in nature. And what I mean by that is simply that within each one of the circles there is another Metatron’s cube. In trying to understand the fractal nature of Metatron's cube I asked, “How far down do the circles keep going?” And this is how the team answered;

“Farther down than you can see. Farther down than you have instruments to measure. But where does space end? Just as you have a limit in understanding the extension of space as it expands larger and larger, your mind is also limited in how it exists at the micro level.”

I think we can agree that the circles get pretty darn small. I wonder if we truly understand the implications of a universe that is fractal?

The next shape that I want to discuss is probably one of the most prominent shapes within Metatron’s cube and that is the star tetrahedron which is also referred to as a Merkaba. It is prominent because it is one of the larger shapes. The star tetrahedron is composed of two tetrahedrons, one inverted over the other. You may recognize this as the Star of David or Solomon's Seal as it is also known as.

I want to share with you a little bit of the description the team used in talking about the benefits of working with the Merkaba.

“When you are thinking of the star tetrahedron, the Merkaba, you recognize it as a blending of heaven and earth, male and female, opposites. You imagine rotating two opposite directions creating a force and an energy. And then you, as the imaginer, can enhance that, place yourself in it or something else, make it large or make it small, directed to an area of your body or not. You are blending in two different directions to facilitate change to lift your spirits, to shift your material body, to fill you with love or to connect you to your own inspiration or that larger mind.”

I’ll provide some specific techniques for working with the Merkaba in upcoming blogs. I have a couple of techniques already posted on my Twelve Rays website if you are interested in exploring the Merkaba right away. Click on and you will be taken there.

The final shape that I want to talk about within Metatron's cube is the Tesseract. This next picture shows a Tesseract all by itself. It's a little harder to see it within Metatron's cube but I've also included a picture that outlines the Tesseract within Metatron's cube.

There has been a lot written about the tesseract and I want to share with you the team's comment about the Tesseract;

“The Tesseract in its function is to provide a portal between the 4th and the 5th dimensions which allows time to be altered.”

The Tesseract cannot be properly discussed without discussing our perception of time. And that is beyond the scope of this brief introduction. Needless to say, it will be discussed more thoroughly in an upcoming blog. For now, I just wanted to point out that it is also a part of Metatron's cube.

The next series of blogs will discuss how Metatron’s cube is a building block for all that exists within our universe. And the next series of blogs after that will focus on some practical applications for individual use of Metatron's cube for among other things healing our physical bodies.

I hope you have found these introductory blogs interesting and valuable and I invite you to continue this very interesting journey with me.

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