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Metatron's Cube -- a Vessel for Healing

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Metatron’s cube has been described as “a key to creation, a key to the molecular changes, the energy, a force so great and renewable. The entire world has the power to change, to be completely reinvented.” That is no small claim. How do we go about to even conceptualize what that might look like? Let’s begin by letting go of the old, worn-out beliefs surrounding Metatron’s cube.

Metatron's cube in 3D.

Metatron’s cube is more that an interesting symbol that is derived from the Flower of Life. It is more than just one of the sacred geometry figures with thirteen circles. We have the opportunity to take the two-dimensional image of Metatron’s cube and see it as a multidimensional construct that is literally a building block for all that exists in our world. It is a template for manifestation.

The shapes of the Platonic solids which are in Metatron’s cube can be found in all the basic elements of this dimension. This may be new information to some. It you haven’t heard about the relationship between the Platonic solids and the basic elements before, I suggest you take the time to research it. It is very interesting and I think you will find it very rewarding.

The Energy within Metatron’s Cube

There is motion in every Metatron's cube and this motion is a key element when we talk about the nature of Metatron’s cube. The motion within Metatron’s cube produces energy and based on the specific configuration of the Platonic solids within, can produce energy of varying frequencies.

Where does the energy that Metatron’s cube generates come from? It comes for the ether. You might call it zero-point energy. Energy vacuum is another name for it. Metatron’s cube uses that energy and creates energy of specific frequencies. This allows for the manifestation of different forms of matter in our dimension. How does a Metatron’s cube know how to configure itself to produce a given energetic frequency that results in the manifestation of specific forms of matter? That is really a crucial question.

There are tiny organelles called ribosomes inside of the cells within your body that perform biological protein synthesis. They link amino acids together to create proteins. They can create a variety of different proteins. How do they know which ones to produce? They decode messenger RNA molecules.

I would call this a level of consciousness. It is certainly not the same level of consciousness that a human has. I suggest that any definition of consciousness be broad enough to include the spectrum of consciousness that is non-human. Metatron’s cube also has conscious which responds to thought. And this is the key to understanding how to use Metatron’s cube for our benefit.

We use directive thought to send messages to Metatron’s cube to produce desired outcomes. This may sound too easy but when you think of it, this is the mechanism behind the Law of Attraction. When we use the Law of Attraction properly, we create a clear desired outcome and then have an idea in our minds of what that outcome will look like. We keep our attention focused on the realization of the desired outcome. Metatron’s cube is the mechanism that shapes the energy into the desired outcome.

A Vessel for Healing

It is difficult for most of us to believe in something we can’t see. And yet some things that can’t be seen are very familiar to us. We can’t see the electricity that flows through the wires in our households. We don’t doubt that when we turn on the lamp switch the light will come on. It wasn’t that long ago when there were no electric lights. Although electricity has always been there, it is only fairly recently that we have been able to harness it to light our homes. Then we discovered how to use it to heat our homes. Today there are thousands of uses for electricity.

We can’t see into our own bodies although scientists have devised techniques to do just that. X-rays have been used for many years and more recently CAT scans and MRI scans have allowed even greater viewing of the body. We know that there are messages that are sent along our nerves to and from the brain, but we can’t see them ourselves. Scientists have ways to detect them and measure them.

Scientists are just now beginning to understand zero-point energy. I am confident that thousands of applications will be developed for it in the coming years. One of those applications will be using it combined with Metatron’s cube for healing. Just like the development of electricity was seen as a technological step forward, the understanding of how to use Metatron’s cube for healing will be a step forward in the healing arts. The information is being provided and it is humanity’s choice to accept it or not.

Understanding how to use Metatron’s cube for healing is not as simple as learning another energy healing modality. It is more than that. It is necessary to make some significant personal changes in order to effectively use Metatron’s cube for healing. As it turns out, the techniques are relatively simple to use. But the techniques require firm beliefs in the principles being applied. This is a new level of using energy for healing and it requires embracing beliefs that may be radically new. Anyone who wants to effectively use Metatron’s cube for healing will need to be open to shifting their own beliefs.

If you are interested in the healing arts and would like to understand how Metatron’s cube can be used for healing, then I suggest that you read my booklet that is available on my website, . I will be explaining how to use Metatron’s cube for healing there.

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