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Metatron's Cube - Connection to Our Body

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

You have chosen to enter this relative world and be part of it in a physical form. A body was given to you to learn how to communicate with it and honor it, to listen to it, to hear what it has to say to you.

Your physical body is a vessel that provides for you an opportunity for experience in this material world. There is intelligence in the consciousness of your body that guides you to inhabit your body at birth and that same intelligence will allow you to transition, will always be there for you, taking on new form when it's time for you to return home. It is your connection between the two worlds.

Our body is constantly replacing old cells with brand new cells. And as we continually birth these new cells it would benefit us to stop thinking of these cells as merely growing within us, but rather to think of them as developing within us. They do that based on our thoughts and beliefs which create limits. And these limits play a role in your ability to heal.

So we cultivate an environment within our body based upon our beliefs. Just as we have an external environment in which we live, the city and country in which we reside, so to our cells have an environment in which they live and it is an environment that we have control over. We create this internal environment not only based upon what we physically consume, the food, water, air that we take in, but also through our beliefs and our thoughts and our emotions. All of these factors influence our internal environment.

If you hold a belief, for example, that healing must take a certain length of time or that you are incapable of healing certain illnesses or diseases or imbalances, this is the message you teach the cells as you move through your life from birth to maturity. These messages are sent out through your entire body. They teach your cells.

Cells combine within our body to form different structures with different functions. One of the largest groups of cells are the blood cells which flow freely through the entire body. Other cells come together to form tissue and bone and muscles and organs. These structures are then used to form systems like the respiratory system, the digestive system, the nervous system, etc. Each of these levels of organization is influenced by the cells that are part of them. So, the internal environment not only influences the cells but also all the major systems within the body.

You can begin to cultivate a new level of consciousness within yourself when you change your beliefs. And as you embrace these new levels of consciousness, the messages are sent to that very minute level, your cells. The cells of your body can be guided through your new thought patterns to hold a message of healing and trust.

We all have a built-in interface to our bodies. It is our mind. Our mind connects us with the consciousness of our body and through that connection we affect each and every cell in our body. Remember, your mind does not exist just within your brain. Your brain is a processing center. It is important to support your life and the processes to balance your emotions. But your mind exists within the existence of every cell. This is how you begin to understand that you teach your body how to respond. You teach your body and your cells what they're capable of and where the limits are.

Our human experience tells us time and time again that our body fails us when we encounter disease. But it seems to me that that's an incorrect understanding of what is failing us. It's not that our bodies are failing us. It is our thoughts and our beliefs that are failing us. It is our choices and our experience that is failing us. We fail our bodies. It seems to me it is much easier to blame our bodies for our poor health than it is to blame ourselves.

What I am suggesting is that it is a lack of communication with our bodies that is part of this failure. I've stated before that it is my belief that all dysfunction and imbalance is an attempt by the body to communicate, to be the voice for the cells. I firmly believe that we need to do a better job of listening, a better job of communicating with our bodies in general.

As we expand our awareness of our connection to our body and our connection to each and every cell in our body and the role that we play in the development of those cells, we deepen our understanding of just how important this connection and communication with our body is. This is fundamental to our new understanding of wellness.

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