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Metatron's Cube - Connection with the Greater Mind

Our universe has often been described as being mental. Our world was created through mind, a mind that could be referred to as the universal mind. It could also be referred to as the mind of All That Is, or even the mind of God if that label is more comfortable for you.

When I've discussed separation in the past, I have primarily made reference to the physical separation of our body. But there also is a separation of consciousness. We feel ourselves no longer connected to a consciousness that is larger than ourselves and this supports the illusion of separation. When we are ready to integrate the experience of separation into our experience of connection, we embrace the connection of our human consciousness with our higher consciousness, our soul level consciousness.

Our higher consciousness is contained within that larger mind. It is part of the universal mind. Imagine one mind composed of billions and billions of individual minds. I find that somewhat mind blowing. I don't believe our human minds will ever be able to comprehend the true nature of this universal mind, this mind of the Creator, this mind of God.

I've discussed in the past that the human mind is not restricted to the physical body and indeed you cannot find a single location in the physical body that houses the mind. It exists in each and every cell of our body. Our human mind exists both within our physical body and outside of our physical body. And it is not separate from that larger mind. It is contained within it. It is part of it. Which means that the greater mine exists throughout our body. Think about what that means. It means that each and every cell of our body is also connected to that greater mind.

How do we go about remembering our connection with this greater mind? The good news is we were never disconnected from it. Any disconnection that we may have experienced has been part of the illusion of separation that we came to this relative environment to experience.

We can use the Twelve Rays as tools to help us connect first with our soul level consciousness and then through that consciousness connect to the greater mind. I hope you are familiar with the Twelve Rays. I have written several books about the Rays. The new Rays, the Rays of Soul Integration are particularly intended to help us connect with our soul level consciousness. You can learn more about the Rays in my book which is entitled, “The Reality of Your Greatness”. I suggest you work with the Ninth Ray to help you reconnect to your soul level consciousness.

One of the advantages of remembering this connection to your higher self within the universal mind is that as you raise your energetic level, your energetic vibration, you gain access to higher level concepts. These higher level concepts likely already reside within your higher consciousness. Even if they don't, they can be accessed through connection to the universal mind. As you gain access to these higher level concepts you can integrate them into your human experience.

We have the potential to reach out and call towards us whatever part of that universal mind we need. Reaching out to the larger mind has great potential. Accepting that power is a good first step in accepting our own power and trusting in the effect. It's all right here in front of us. It's all within us. We just need to trust or learn how to trust in all that we are. The energy flows in the origins of who we are to this human expression that we use for our experience on our planet. All the knowledge and insight, the evolution and growth that makes us who we are is there.

There is a message that I have repeated over and over again in these blogs and it is “You Are More”. You Are More than you think you are. But you define your own limits. You create your beliefs based upon those limits. When you are ready to let go of your old limits, when you are ready to remember your connection to your higher self and that universal mind, all you need to do is reach out and embrace the connection that has always been there.

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