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New Book - Metatron's Cube - A Working Model

I’m trying something totally new and I’m really excited about it. If you are not familiar with Kindle, it is Amazon’s electronic publishing service. Most books these days come in electronic format. All of my books are available through Amazon Kindle. Amazon has a new service available called Kindle Vella. This new service allows the author to publish their book one chapter at a time and allows the reader, you, to read the book one chapter at a time. The first few chapters for each book are free. How is that for being risk free?

The beginning chapters of my new book, Metatron’s Cube – A Working Model , are already available on Kindle Vella and they are free. In this book, I am sharing new information that we have never published before now. Here is the first paragraph from the Introduction.

“Metatron’s cube is not flat, not two-dimensional, and not a cube. To understand it, it needs to be shown as a three-dimensional figure and even that is not a true picture of it. Metatron’s cube is multidimensional and it is actually a sphere in our third dimension. And all the circles you see in it are spheres. And each sphere contains a Metatron’s cube making it fractal in nature. It becomes both smaller and larger than we can imagine.”

For those of you who are familiar with my books, you know that what I write about is information that we have received during our channeling sessions. These sessions began back in 2005. We do not have a regular schedule for these sessions and over the years the number of sessions per year has dwindled. We began having them again on a rather regular basis about two years ago. Around six months into this most recent conversation with “The Team”, we began to receive information about projective geometry, Metatron’s cube, and the Platonic solids.

We refer to the group that we communicate with as “The Team” because sometimes they speak as one individual voice and sometimes, they speak as a collective voice. When they speak as an individual voice, they often identify themselves to us. We choose not to reveal those identities. Channeled information has been published for centuries. I first became familiar with channeled books through the works of Jane Roberts and Seth. More recently, Abraham-Hicks has been very popular. And I include Neale Donald Walsch and his “Conversations with God” books in this group. There are many more examples of channeled books.

The Introduction and the first three chapters are already available in Kindle Vella. AS I mentioned above, the Introduction and the first two chapters are free to all. The title of the first chapter is “Dimensions”. As the introduction above indicates, Metatron’s Cube is actually multidimensional. We need to start showing it as at least a three-dimensional model like the image below.

The Team refers to Metatron’s Cube as “a building block for all that exists in your world, a template.” They describe the Platonic solids this way. “The Platonic solids are energy. The intelligence contained within the Platonic solids is extraordinary, has formed every object in our world. They transmit consciousness between dimensions. They are consciousness.”

The above quotes represent some very interesting claims that the Team has made. I go into greater detail in the specific chapter on Metatron’s Cube and the chapter on the Platonic Solids. Future chapters will discuss how to use Metatron’s Cube and the Platonic Solids for healing.

Personal blogs like this one are great, but it is difficult to reach a large number of readers, especially new readers. This is why I am so excited about Kindle Vella. Kindle books are read by people all over the world. This new format allows writers to publish their work much more quickly that older, traditional approaches. And it is designed to be very user friendly.

Each book on Kindle Vella is designed to be read on a portable device like your phone. Also, each chapter is rather short in length and can probably be read in about 5 minutes. What I am asking you to do is to give this new feature from Kindle a try and let me know how you like it. I’d also like to know how this new information resonates with you. Let me know if the content is helpful to you. Let me know if I am explaining it in a way that is clear and concise. I greatly value your feedback and I believe this is a great format that enables that.

Give my new book a try. As I mentioned, the first few chapters are free. Click here to be taken to my book page. I look forward to hearing from you.

New chapters are on the way!

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