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Platonic Solids Transmit Consciousness

Mankind has been interested in the Platonic solids for thousands of years. What is there about the Platonic solids that is so fascinating? This blog is the beginning of a new series that focuses on the Platonic solids within Metatron’s cube. In order to visualize them more accurately, we need to think of the three-dimensional shape of Metatron’s cube. That is why I have included this picture of Metatron’s cube.

I remember my first introduction to the platonic solids although we didn't call them Platonic solids back then. We called them wooden blocks. Yep, I remember as a young child playing with cubes and I believe there were some pyramids in there also.

My next memory of encountering the Platonic solids that I have was in high school in geometry class. And though there might not have been a lot of emphasis on Plato and his discussion of the platonic solids, who can forget Pythagoras and the Pythagorean theorem? I remember spending quite a lot of time learning about triangles in geometry class.

The next year when I studied trigonometry, I of course learned about three dimensional shapes and the triangle turned into a pyramid, the square turned into a cube, and the circle turned into a sphere. And perhaps while you were in high school you may have taken a chemistry class. And you might have learned how certain elements take the shape of different platonic solids. They may have also been mentioned in passing in biology class while you were looking at single cell life forms. The Platonic solids are found all throughout nature.

I also remember learning about the platonic solids while reading about the old cathedrals and churches in Europe and their use of sacred geometry. Sacred geometry is a very interesting subject and, unfortunately, we don't have the time to get into it in these blogs.

And then of course there's modern architecture. You may have heard of the famous architect Buckminster Fuller and his work with geodesic domes which is noticeably based on the Platonic solids.

Let me offer you what may be perhaps some new insights regarding the Platonic solids. They were certainly new to me when the Team first shared them. The Platonic solids are energy and they transmit consciousness. They exist in our world as matter. They are energetic bonds that create solid form. Rocks and minerals, cells, tissues, and organs manifest through these geometric forms. They are electromagnetic energies that spin at specific rates and alternating angles.

Through these geometrical figures they manifest as chemical gases, liquids, and solids. If you were to examine the elemental table at an atomic level you would find that all of them are rotating through geometrical figures. It has been a great mystery and still remains that in our world, how it is possible, how chemicals bond. They bond through the directives of consciousness contained in the Platonic solids.

The role that the Platonic solids play in the transmission of consciousness helps us to understand the miracle of birth, the miracle of a life form beginning to organize itself from cells to organs to muscles and tissues, the intelligent connection and bond as that takes place. Why a heart begins to beat at the earliest of stages.

The Platonic solids are instrumental in the development of the human body. When working with a physical body there are codes of consciousness that are passed from one cell to the next creating what you see as a full physical body, a third dimensional being. They work as unit cells each repeating upon itself maintaining the integrity of what it is. Each unit cell containing its own unique volume of consciousness. And these cells work adjacent to each other building and creating human form. And this is why some cells become nerves, others become muscles, and even others become organs.

The ramifications, as you reflect on what I have just shared with you, help you to comprehend how what we would call spirits or soul move from our dense environment of the third dimension into an environment of expansion and open intelligence in the fifth dimension.

When you pass from this world, the Platonic solids create a directive that moves human consciousness into your auric field and your conscious awareness back into a fifth dimensional dimension while your physical cells decompose back into earth.

When working with the platonic solids you agree to work with the electromagnetic energies safely and intelligently, directing the shifts and the change. When you work with them you work with that collective unit of them. The implication of that awareness is very profound. You become that electromagnetic frequency, that through your intention and choice is moving, shifting and changing that which you work with.

The intelligence contained within the Platonic solids and Metatron’s cube is extraordinary. It has formed every object in our world. It exists within the ether. Humankind has yet to fully understand its potential. Some of these concepts may be new to you like they were to me. And I’m sure some of you have questions. I will go deeper into these concepts in future bogs. So, stay tuned.

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