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Rotating Metatron's Cube

As we become more and more familiar with the three-dimensional image of Metatron’s cube, keep in mind that Metatron’s cube is actually multi-dimensional, we need to see it as always moving. The movement within and around Metatron’s cube can be simple or it can be very complex. In this blog, we are going to work with the most basic of movements and that is rotation.

The video in the preceding blog demonstrated how the Platonic solids are all nested within Metatron’s cube. In reality, each Platonic solid is able to move independently of each other. There are many different ways to move. Let’s start with rotation. When we just consider the movement of rotation, each solid can rotate in the same direction as the others, or it can rotate in the opposite direction from the others. In all the videos that you will see, the solids rotate on the north/south axis. That is the axis that is created by running a line from the top of the image in its midpoint down to the bottom. Top to bottom is north to south.

There is another axis that runs from left to right, or you might consider it east to west. All of these Platonic solids can rotate on that axis as well. I’m sure there are a number of additional axes on which the solids can rotate. Let’s just keep this simple for now and focus on the north/south axis.

The north/south axis can spin in two directions: clockwise and counterclockwise. When we look at a clock on a wall, we see that it is facing us. Imagine the wall clock laying on a table. As you watch the movement of the hands, they move from left to right. When we see Metatron’s cube spinning and look at it from the top, we can determine if it is turning clockwise or counterclockwise. In the video below, Metatron’s cube is turning in a clockwise direction.

Rotation is not the only form of movement within Metatron’s cube. In subsequent blogs we will get into other types of movement. For now, we are going to keep it simple and focus on rotation.

You will find a video below that is intended to help you become more familiar with the rotation of Metatron’s cube. As you watch the video, close you eyes and see if you can recreate the image of the rotating Metatron’s cube in your mind’s eye. Remember, the way we work with Metatron’s cube is through our thoughts. When we create an image of Metatron’s cube in our mind’s eye, it is easier to set our intention for it. For example, if you want to feel yourself surrounded by Metatron’s cube, you first start with the visualization of it rotating in space and then see yourself inside of it. We will discuss the practical benefits of using Metatron’s cube this way in future blogs when we discuss healing with Metatron’s cube.

For now, the goal is to become familiar with the three-dimensional image of Metatron’s cube as it moves in space. Watch the video and close your eyes and visualize the same image in your mind’s eye. Do this as often as you like until it becomes relatively easy for you to visualize on your own.

When you work with this video, be sure that you are not doing anything else. Only work with it when you can devout your entire attention to it. The video is three minutes long. Replay it as often as you like. I suggest you expand the video to full screen size. Have some fun with it!

As you watch the video, see if you become aware of any specific thoughts or feelings. You may want to write down any insights you receive.

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