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I have almost completed the first draft of my new book on the Twelve Rays. This latest book is about the Rays of Soul Integration. This book will be the third in a series of books that offer practical applications for the Twelve Rays. As you can see in the picture, the other books containing practical applications are, “The Twelve Rays: Practical Applications”, which covers the first, three Rays and “Creating Your Life with Grace and Ease” which focuses on the Rays of Experience, Rays Four though Ray Seven.

The Rays of Soul Integration are new Rays and they include Rays Eight through Twelve. These Rays are all about connection, connection to our higher selves, or whole selves as I like to call them, connection to our Body of Light, and connection to the New Awareness. I have waited to write this book because I wasn’t sure what the Team meant by the New Awareness.

About a year and a half ago, we started a new series of sessions with the Team. As a result of those ongoing sessions, I believe I now have a good understanding of the New Awareness. Rays Eleven and Twelve are particularly focused on the New Awareness. Very briefly, the New Awareness is living connected. We are living in this relative, physical world here on Earth while simultaneously living in a nonphysical dimension.

This physical world was created to afford us the opportunity to experience separation from our whole selves and the Creator. These new Rays help us to remember our connection that has always been there. They help us to see through the illusion of separation. They help us to balance living in two different dimensions at the same time. Not everyone is ready for this message. And that s fine. It is available for those who are ready to hear it. It represents the next level of evolution for humankind.

I will be sharing some of the content in the book through future blogs. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated. I hope the book will be ready by mid-summer. Oh, I still don’t have a title for it so as I begin to share the content through the blogs, I will appreciate your title suggestions.

By the way, the third book in the above picture, "The Reality of Your Greatness", is my first book on the Rays. It introduces all Twelve Rays. In it I share my personal journey through the Rays with the "Team". The Cd shown in the picture is original music of the Rays composed and performed by Richard Shulman.

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