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Shifting Personal Perspectives

I wonder how many times during the course of a single day we shift our individual perspectives? I received my first pair of eyeglasses when I was in the fifth grade. That would make me about ten or eleven years old at the time. I am near-sighted. Things that are far away appear blurry to me. When I put my glasses on, all of that changes. Things in the distance become clear. During the course of the day, I take my glasses on and off. They are currently off as I am typing this blog. My focus is up close. My perspective is up close. If I want to see out the window, I put my glasses on and my perspective changes.

When I interact with another person, my perspective shifts to fit the situation. Right now, I am attempting to communicate in writing a concept or an insight to someone, you the reader, whom I most likely don’t know. The concept is that we have multiple perspectives that we assume depending on the activity we are currently engaged in. Is the perspective that you assume at work different than it is at home with your family? My guess is that it is. We all have different roles or hats that we wear, and your work hat is probably different than your home hat.

All of your perspectives are uniquely yours. No one else has the exact same perspective. They are a result of who you are. What life experiences have you had? What are your personal beliefs? All of these are used to create your own individual perspectives.

We are all so good at shifting perspectives that we sometimes don’t even realize that we are doing it. You may be chatting on the phone with a friend, one perspective, and another call comes in that is work related. You quickly shift perspectives, deal with the work-related phone call, and then shift back to the previous perspective as you continue to chat with your friend.

One perspective that may not be all that obvious is being or feeling connected as opposed to feeling disconnected. We certainly experience connecting with another person. We can also feel disconnected from other people. Sometimes we can even notice feeling both toward the same person although not at the same time. You can feel connected to the work you are doing. If you are an athlete, you can feel in the groove. I can remember feeling in the groove playing golf. Every shot seemed effortless when I felt that way and I knew it was going to be a good shot.

If you are not familiar with the term spiritual discord, it simply means being spiritually disconnected. What are you disconnected from? Perhaps a simple way to express it is you feel disconnected from the energy that is beyond this dimension. Some might interpret that as being disconnected from the Creator. Others might see that as being disconnected from the greater mind of consciousness. Still others might feel it as being disconnected from your higher self, or whole self as I like to call it. Or perhaps, all of the above.

When we are born into this dimension, we still have an awareness of those connections. I believe that as our human mind grows and matures, we shift our awareness away from those connections and focus on living in this third dimension. It seems to me that the older we get, the more we seek out those connections that have been largely ignored. The way I see it, we now have an opportunity for a hybrid sort of understanding that yes, we are living in this third dimension, but we have always been connected to those energies from beyond this dimension.

There are many ways to remember our connection to those other energies. I will go into some of them in my next blog. Stay tuned.

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