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Metatron's Cube and Shifting Perspectives

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Do you feel that a shift in awareness is happening? Are your perspectives about life changing? Have you noticed how doors seem to be opening as you shift perspectives? Think about the two-dimensional image of Metatron’s cube as a door that is locked. You can unlock it and discover a greater perspective that lies behind it. Imagine what you might find!

Metatron's cube in 2D.

My name is Michael Love and I would like to share with you the key that unlocks Metatron’s cube. This information was freely given to me, and I am offering it freely to you. I have written it down in a short booklet that I have entitled, “Unlocking Metatron’s Cube.”

Introductory booklet on Metatron's cube.

In this concise booklet you will learn;

- How shifting your perspective is the key that unlocks Metatron’s cube.

- What lies behind the locked door.

- How the Platonic solids move within Metatron’s cube.

- The deeper purpose that Metatron’s cube is used for.

- You can control the unlocked potential of Metatron’s cube.

- We are only just beginning to understand the true nature of Metatron’s cube.

This is new information that I have not found anywhere else on the internet. If you have questions about consciousness, how matter is created, the nature of thoughts, or your ability to create your own reality, then you will enjoy this insightful booklet that is loaded with fresh, new ideas and concepts.

Click on the button below to download your free copy today!

Intoductory booklet on Metatron's cube.

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