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The Platonic Solids are Energy!

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

“The Platonics are energy. They exist in your world as matter as you have conceptualized them and they exist in our world as resources to creation. The driver in both these dimensions of space are your thoughts. Remember that.”

How do we begin to understand the energy of the Platonic solids? Have you ever picked up a crystal in your hand and felt the energy of it? Everything is composed of energy and what makes one crystal different from another is the energy that is contained within it. Even crystals composed of the same minerals feel different because of their shapes. Countless books have been written that describe energy variances within the world of crystals. And it is not just crystals, all minerals have specific energy signatures.

In my earlier blogs, I talked about the geometric properties of the Platonic solids. They have unique characteristics that allow them to be distinct from the other geometric shapes. In this blog, we are going to focus on the energy of the Platonic solids. An easy way to feel the energy of the different shapes is by holding them in our hands one at a time. In this exercise, we are going to experience each one of the Platonic solids by feeling their energy. We are going to place each one individually in our hands and then feel the energy from it. You might want to have a pen and some paper available so that you can write down any insights you may experience.

If you watched the videos from the last blog, you saw the kit that I used to construct the Platonic solids using wood and plastic joints or vertexes. You can buy these modestly priced kits on Etsy. The specific vendor is mentioned in the last blog. You may have a set of Platonic solids made out of some other material. They will work fine for this exercise. The important thing is that each piece in your set of Platonic solids is made from the same material. Metal, wood, crystal, they all will work as long as they are all made from the same material.

Let’s begin the exercise with the tetrahedron, the four-sided pyramid. If you have a model of a tetrahedron, place it in your hand with your palm up. The tip of the tetrahedron is pointing up. Gently rest your other hand on top of the tetrahedron. You will feel the point in the palm of your other hand. The tetrahedron allows you to focus your thoughts on what needs to change. It provides motivation for change. Focus on the tetrahedron for several minutes.

The tetrahedron is associated with the element of fire. Our body uses both inflammation and fever, two forms of fire, to heal itself. Inflammation is often associated with injury, a cut, a bruise, or even a break. Fever is most often used to prevent infection. Minor fevers are often an indication that the body is working to heal itself. Figuratively, we can use fire to eliminate emotional blockages that are interfering with the body’s normal healing processes. There will be more discussion on dealing with emotional blockages in future blogs.

The next figure we want to work with is the octahedron. Place your octahedron in your hand. If you lay it flat in your hand, you will feel a face of the octahedron and you will notice that it is a triangle. When you cover the octahedron with your other hand, it rests on another triangle. It feels very solid. Take a minute and feel the energy in this position.

Now change the octahedron so that one of the vertexes is in the palm of your hand. When you cover it with your other hand, you will feel another vertex. Take note of the energy in this position. Does it feel any different to you? Do you notice how easily you can rotate in your hands? If you grab it with your thumb and index figure, you can rotate it on another axis.

The octahedron is associated with the element of air. It is light and allows you to open space. Hopefully, you are familiar with the concept of opening space. I think of it as setting an intention that allows something to happen. We often refer to opening space when we focus on healing. When you open space for healing, you set an intention for change.

The energy of the octahedron is also very balancing. Very often illness is brought on by an imbalance in energy. The octahedron can be used to help reestablish that balance. The beauty of working with the Platonic solids is that you don’t have to know what specific energy is needed to establish the balance. You just set the intention to reestablish the balance, and the octahedron will carry out that directive.

The icosahedron is the third Platonic solids that is composed of regular triangles. It is referred to as a regular icosahedron. As we begin to connect with the energy of the icosahedron, place the figure in your hand with one of the triangles laying flat in your palm. When you place your other hand on the other side of the icosahedron you will notice that there is another triangle in the palm of that hand. This is one of the characteristics of the icosahedron. It has a certain symmetry to it. There are other symmetries to discover with the icosahedron.

Another thing you will notice about the icosahedron is its roundness. It is very close to a sphere. The icosahedron is associated with the element of water. Water is very fluid. It flows in its liquid state. It very often demonstrates an ebb and a flow or an expansion and a contraction. It also has two other states which might be considered extremes, vapor and ice. As ice, it is very fixed and solid. As vapor, it is less dense and mixes with the air. Let’s focus on water for the time being with its ebb and flow. The tides in the oceans are great examples of the ebb and flow. Perhaps you can feel the energy of the icosahedron pulsating in your hands! Be sure to capture your own experiences on paper.

Let’s move on to the two remaining Platonic solids, the hexahedron and the dodecahedron. The hexahedron, or cube, presents itself as a solid structure. It is a foundation and thus represents the earth which is the foundation of all life as we know it. Place a cube in your hand. Try to compress it. It doesn’t move. As you hold it in your hands, how do you perceive its energy? Pay close attention to your emotions. What emotions are coming up for you?

The last Platonic solid to work with is the dodecahedron. If you are using the shapes that you assembled using the wooden kit I mentioned, you will notice that the dodecahedron creates the largest shape. All the others can fit nested inside of it. Our initial impression of the dodecahedron is it is the shape that the other shapes fit inside of. When you place a dodecahedron in your hand, you feel the pentagon shaped face in the palm of your hand. And when you place your other hand on the dodecahedron, you feel another pentagon face in your hand. What does that feel like to you? Take your time and connect with that energy.

The dodecahedron is associated with the element of ether, or space. It is the container for all of creation. When you feel the ebb and the flow of the water element, all that takes place within the framework of the ether.

This brings us to an important observation about the five elements. None of them are independent of the others. They all work in brilliant unison with each other. We do not live in water and yet we need water to live. We live in the air and also need the air to live. We seek a firm foundation underneath us. We must have balance in order to survive. We need periods of rest and periods of growth. Fire is growth. It inspires growth. Each element brings inspiration and each needs the other to thrive.

Just as the elements are all intertwined together, the five Platonic solids are also intertwined with each other within Metatron’s cube. It is purposeful to understand each individual Platonic solid on its own, but we must keep in mind that they work together. It is easy to compare Metatron’s cube to the engine of an automobile. The different parts work together to create the energy needed to move the car, but there is more needed in order to derive utility from it. We need to control the speed of the engine and the direction of the car. We need to provide a platform to carry people and goods.

By understanding the Platonic solids better, we gain a greater understanding of Metatron’s cube. In upcoming blogs, we will delve more deeply into the control mechanisms for using Metatron’s cube with intention.

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I love how you addressed the power of the Platonic Solids! I have an entire business based on this to introduce folks to their amazing qualities. I also use them for meditative opps like you just described! I'd love to chat with you more about this. It's a hard topic to find others who are aware of it, which is why I founded a space others can mingle within it and meet them.

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