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The Platonic Solids, Healing, and Directive Thought

The time will come where we will not open our body, cut it, dissect it, transplant it, wear it out, and destroy it as we move through our life. We will heal our body through thought, through energy, through vibration that we consume through natural abundance, foods, liquids, etc. We will work to purify our air and the data that transmits in the air around us.

In order to achieve this, we must open to new concepts and beliefs about the nature of reality. One concept that I have already written about is consciousness. When we accept that consciousness exists throughout our relative world, we open up to the possibilities of connecting with a mind that is greater than our human mind. When we accept the concept that we are multidimensional beings having an experience in this third dimension, we understand that we are more than we think we are. When we open to the magnificent capabilities that our bodies hold within them, we can conceptualize a totally new way of thinking about healing.

Let's start with the concept of consciousness. In my blogs entitled “Your Mind is More”, I stated that I believe that consciousness is in everything because everything is comprised of energy and energy has consciousness. Over 15 years ago in a session with the team, we received the following pearl of wisdom.

“In order for intelligence to act, there must be intelligence to be acted upon.”

For the sake of this discussion, I consider intelligence and consciousness to be pretty much the same. So, what does this mean? Well, for intelligence to act, we are the intelligent actors in this case, there must be something that has intelligence that can interpret our thoughts and can understand our intentions.

If we want to achieve this goal of healing the body through thought, through energy, and through vibration, we need to understand that there is a consciousness within the body that can receive our thoughts, understand our intentions, and take action to affect healing. The consciousness that is capable of doing this is the consciousness of the platonic solids.

As I've stated in previous blogs, the Platonic solids are the foundation for all that is in our world. Not just our world of the Earth, but all the worlds and galaxies. They are more than a material, visual shape. They are alive, dynamic, moving and growing, and shrinking and changing. They transmit and receive consciousness. They are energetic bonds that create solid form. Rocks and minerals, cells, tissues and organs, manifest through these geometric forms. They are electromagnetic energies that spin specific rates and alternating angles. Through these geometrical figures, they manifest as chemical gases, liquids, and solids.

I have also written about our multidimensional nature in a previous blog entitled, “You Are More”. We are here in this relative world for a short period of time. It is my belief that we come with specific intentions for each lifetime that we experience. We are gifted with marvelous bodies which allow us to act independently and freely. They also allow us to experience the illusion of separation.

In this relative world, wellness is, for most of us, a choice. We choose how we care for these wonderfully designed bodies. Through our carelessness and poor decision making we often encounter disease. I would define disease as an energetic imbalance in the body. I also believe, as I have stated before, that all dysfunction and imbalance is an attempt by the body to communicate, to be the voice of the cells. I would assert that if our cells are healthy then our bodies are healthy and conversely if our cells are diseased, our body will experience disease.

Our bodies have remarkable healing abilities. It is a good idea to learn how to communicate with our bodies. Consider the fact that we have a universe of cells, over 37 trillion of them, within our bodies. These cells are very diverse and they live in very different environments. Imagine the environment of a neuron in your brain living within the hard, bony structure of your head. Compare that to the cells of your skin. Even the skin cells have different environments. We could compare a skin cell on your face with the skin cell on your elbow with a skin cell on the sole of your feet. And imagine what life is like for the cells that line your stomach living in such an acidic environment where they constantly need to be replaced.

It is our responsibility to create healthy environments that will allow the cells in our body to thrive regardless of where they reside. So, what do cells need to be healthy? They need food, they need oxygen, they need to be stress free, and they need time to carry out the basic functions that they're designed for. This may be a simplistic description of a healthy cellular environment but there's no need to make it more complex than this. The question is, “Are you providing a healthy environment for your cells?” A good way to answer that question is to ask yourself how do you feel? And if the answer is, I have this condition and this, and this, and this, and this going on, well that is your body's attempt to communicate with you, to be the voice of the cells.

In order for healing to take place, you have to be ready to change. Ask yourself honestly if you are ready to embrace change. Are you ready to create an environment within your body that allows your cells to be healthy and robust? Are you ready to let go of outdated beliefs and habits? Are you willing to believe that there is a consciousness within your body that is waiting for a directive, a directive to heal?

I started out this blog with the words, “The time will come when”. The time is now to understand that you control your healing through your thoughts, your beliefs, and your actions. The time is now to take responsibility for your health. I believe that all disease can be cured. What is your belief about your ability to heal yourself? Is it time to embrace a more expansive belief about your ability to heal yourself?

In my next blog I will talk more about using directive thought to heal your body. It might sound like this is too easy to be true. Let me ask you to reserve judgment on that until you begin to see how using directed thought can make such a change in your life.

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