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The Rays of Aspect - Our Divine Heritage

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

The Rays of Aspect, the first three Rays are our Divine Heritage, our Divine Inheritance. They are three aspects of the Creator, or Source, or whatever word you feel most comfortable using for God. The remaining Rays are all either sub-Rays of these Rays or combinations of the first three and the sub-Rays. These first three Rays are filtered through constellations within our third dimension. The filtering reduces the strength of their energy. It steps down the energy. The First Ray filters down through Ursa Major, the Bear constellation. The Second Ray filters down through Sirius which is in Canis Major, the Dog constellation. And the Third Ray filters down through the Pleiades.

The energies of these Rays are available to us. They are ours to command. This is why I like to refer to the first three Rays as our Divine Heritage. We are multidimensional beings having a human experience while simultaneously existing in different dimensions. The energy of these first three Rays is available to us in every dimension.

The First Ray opens our imagination and allows us to see ourselves moving beyond the personal limits that we have accepted for ourselves in this dimension. And as we free ourselves of those restrictions, we encounter resistance to change. We use the First Ray to identify the sources of that resistance. As we continue to release the self-imposed limitations of our lives, we open to new wisdom and become more accepting of the Divine Love of the Second Ray, the Ray of Love and Wisdom. We use the Third Ray to not only create plans to move beyond our resistance to change, but also to bring forth new levels of being, new levels of experience based upon our expanded perspectives.

The First Ray is called Divine Will and it is the strongest of all the Rays and it comes through at times of great change. This is the creative aspect of Source. The energy of this Ray is an energy of change, of allowing, and it is very useful in stimulating the imagination and gaining clarity about what it is that we wish to create.

The Second Ray is called Love and Wisdom. The Love that we are talking about here is Divine Love and we directly receive it as we work with the Second Ray. As we begin to formulate our thoughts about what we wish to create, we use the Love and Wisdom of this Ray to guide us.

The Third Ray is called Active Intelligence. This is the manifestation aspect of the Creator. The Rays of Attributes, Rays Four through Ray Seven are all sub-Rays of this Third Ray. I like to refer to this Ray as the “get ‘er done” Ray. We use the energy of this Ray to move beyond our resistance to change and to manifest our thoughts and desires, to create our reality. The Law of Attraction is also a part of this Ray.

If you are familiar with the Christian Trinity, you can see the similarity between it and the Rays of Aspect. Each Ray refers to one of the aspects of the Christian God. The major difference between the two, and this is really critical to grasp, is that the Rays are within us. They are not embodied into some figurehead being who bestows them on us. The are ours to use freely as we choose. They are our Divine Heritage, our birthright.

There are specific practical applications for these Rays of Aspect which I have presented in my book, The Twelve Rays; Practical Applications. The exercises that I have provided for the First Ray are designed to deal with resistance to change. We use this First Ray in conjunction with the Third Ray. The First Ray is helpful in identifying the source of the resistance and the Third Ray is used to create a plan to free ourself from the resistance. I have also included an exercise for dealing with stress since stress is very often a result of resistance to change. Again, use this Ray to identify the source of the stress and use the Third Ray to create the plan that moves you past the resistance.

The Second Ray exercises are designed to help individuals to open their hearts to the energy of Divine Love. Many individuals experience loneliness to varying degrees. The entire proposition of individualization within this dimension exposes us to this vulnerability. It is very easy to buy into the illusion of separation here in this dimension. The good news is that humankind is now in a position to accept that we are all still connected to our whole-selves while experiencing this illusion of separation. Opening to Divine Love helps us to strengthen our belief in that connection.

As I mentioned earlier, we use the Third Ray in conjunction with the First Ray to create a plan to move beyond our resistance to change. We also use the Third Ray to attract toward us the resources we need to manifest our desires. This aspect of the Third Ray is commonly referred to as the Law of Attraction. There are exercises in the book that take the reader through both of these techniques.

I refer to the Rays of Aspect as our Divine Heritage. We use the first, three Rays not only in this world and in this dimension but in all the worlds and all the dimensions that our whole-self experiences. We use the First Ray to enable our minds to expand and imagine thoughts that are new and creative. We use the Second Ray to open our hearts not only to our connection to Source, but also to our connection to higher wisdom. And we use the Third Ray to manifest whatever it is that we dare to desire. But first we need to free ourselves of our self-limiting beliefs and truly believe that we are the creators of our own reality and worthy of these Divine gifts.

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