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The Rays of Attribute - The Human Experience

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

In the preceding blog, I discussed the first three Rays, the Rays of Aspect. I refer to these Rays as our Divine Inheritance. They are gifts that were given to us at the time of our creation. I am referring to our creation as souls, not to our creation as human beings. The Rays of Aspect are ours to use in whatever dimension we decide to carry on the work that is our birthright, the continuation of creation. We have been given the gift of creation and we can freely continue to create according to our own desires.

When we decide to experience this third dimension, we have access to a second level of gifts that are designed to support us here in this experience. These gifts are the next level of Rays which are referred to as the Rays of Attribute, or as I like to call them the Rays of Experience. These are Rays Four through Seven. The Rays of Experience are all sub-Rays of the Third Ray, the Ray of Active Intelligence. These Rays are uniquely suited to support us in this third dimension.

My book, “Create Your Life with Grace and Ease,” offers practical applications for these Rays of Experience. Let me just review quickly the information about the Rays of Experience that you will find in this easy-to-follow book. The book also contains full color artwork for each Ray by Melinda Radcliffe. To learn more about all of my books about the Twelve Rays, please click on

The Fourth Ray is called Harmony Through Conflict. As the name indicates, the energy of this Ray helps us to create harmony out of our experiences of conflict. We all experience conflict in our lives. Many look back on the conflict they have experienced in their lives and see them as learning opportunities although it is usually very difficult to perceive it as such when we are right in the middle of the conflict. Indeed, when we reflect on our past experiences that involved conflict, we often see that there were other choices that we could have made that might have resulted in different outcomes. Sometimes we resolve to chose differently if we find ourselves in the same situation again.

When we take the time to reflection further on our experience, we can often see that the conflict has a resolution. We can take the experience and integrate it with other similar experiences and create an understanding that we didn’t have before.

If you have ever played a musical instrument or perhaps trained to play a sport, you can look back at your first experience and remember what that felt like. Most likely it felt pretty uncomfortable, whether it was learning to play a guitar or learning to swim. Most of us have to practice to get better at things. This is the conflict. With each step forward, we get a little better. We integrate as we go and this creates harmony. We may never be completely satisfied with our level of mastery, but when we look back after all that hard work, we feel much more comfortable than when we first started.

The Fourth Ray is also referred to as the Emotional Ray. We all know that emotions can be a source of conflict. Learning to deal with emotions, both our own and the emotions of others, is something that all of us experience. In a broader sense, as we get older we become more practiced at the art of living. We learn how to deal with life better. We take our life lessons and integrate them into who we are. We make our present decisions based on or past experiences. The energy of the Fourth Ray helps us to see our life experiences as opportunities for integration into a bigger, fuller perspective which can lead us to harmony.

The Fifth Ray is the Ray of Concrete Knowledge. It is also known as the Mental Ray. This is the Ray for thinkers. Individuals with a lot of this energy love to focus on the mental aspects of life here in this third dimension. This energy is great for individuals who exercise their mental concentration abilities and what might be referred to as deep thinking. Researchers and theoreticians have a lot of this energy.

These two Rays, the Fourth and the Fifth, can be used to balance each other. If an individual has too much of either the Emotional Ray or the Mental Ray energy, the other Ray can be used to help balance the person. If someone is too involved in the emotions, then a little bit of the Fifth Ray can help them create balance. The same is true of someone who is too much in their head. A little of the Fourth Ray can help restore some balance.

The Sixth Ray is known as the Ray of Devotion and Idealism. When you think of the word devotion it might have religious overtones to it. And it does for sure. But these days it also means devotion to a cause such as the elimination of poverty, a cure for cancer, etc. Idealism can be something like equal rights for all people, gender equality, etc. Over and over again we see people whose lives have been changed because of personal experiences and they have then dedicated their lives to a certain cause. These individuals have a lot of this Sixth Ray energy.

Anyone can use the energy of the Sixth Ray to help establish personal goals in their lives. We very often hear people say, “I don’t know why I’m here”. My suggestion is to take some time to sit quietly and invite in the Sixth Ray and see what inspiration comes with it. Do that as often as is necessary until you feel that there is clarity in knowing why you are here.

Too much of this energy can lead to problems like racism and zealotry. We certainly can point to several examples of religious extremism all over the world. And racism remains a world-wide problem. It is important to maintain balance with all three of these energies of experience.

And now the Seventh Ray. The Seventh Ray used to be known as the Ray of Ritual and Magic. These are old terms which I think refer to the clergy. I would say that these days the clergy isn’t what it used to be. We refer to the Seventh Ray as either the Violet Flame or the Gateway into Awareness. If you are familiar with the Violet Flame, then you know that it is associated with St. Germain. Much of what has been written about the Violet Flame is steeped in ritual. It has been suggested to us to stop ritual. That may seem a bit strange, but I agree with it whole heartedly. I believe it is time to let go of ritual.

Instead, think of the Seventh Ray as the Gateway into Awareness. We use the Seventh Ray to transmute energy that we might consider lower level energy because it is associated with lower level emotions like anger, guilt, fear, etc. and we can raise up those emotions to higher energetic levels. When we do that, we raise our entire personal energetic level and this opens us to new levels of awareness. It is actually a straight forward process and is explained with examples in the book.

This brings us to the new Rays, Rays Eight to Rays Twelve. These Rays are referred to as the Rays of Soul Integration. They help us to make contact with our higher selves, or as I like to refer to them as our whole selves, and provide a way to bring more of our soul level consciousness into this physical dimension. That is a very interesting proposition. They also open us to what is referred to as New Awareness. Without spoiling what all that means, I’ll just say that it is described as the next step forward for humankind.

Greater detail about the Rays of Soul Integration as well as practical applications for working with them are available in my next soon to be released book, “You Are More: Using the Rays of Soul Integration to Break Through to New Awareness.” We first received the information about the Twelve Rays back in 2005. I haven’t felt comfortable discussing the New Awareness until recently. I explain more about why that was in the book. I look forward to sharing that information with everyone.

The Twelve Rays are a lot like sunlight. They are freely available to everyone and there seems to be an unlimited abundance of them. We are bathed in the Twelve Rays whether we use them or not. Many are not even aware of their existence. They are here. They are real and they can be used for great personal benefit. The choice is yours!

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