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The Rays of Soul Integration - The Body of Light and New Awareness

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

We were introduced to the Rays in a sequential manner. And it makes a lot of sense to work through the Rays that way. If you have been following the same path, then you have no doubt put a lot of effort into your personal spiritual journey. Congratulations on arriving at this point.

This third book in the guidebook series entitled, You Are More – Using the Rays of Soul Integration to Break through to New Awareness, contains practical exercises for the new, higher Rays, the Rays of Soul Integration. These higher Rays answer the question to why take the time and make the effort to get to this level of personal spiritual growth. The answer is in the title of the book. We make the effort in order to be able to attain higher levels of consciousness which allow us to break through to New Awareness.

We all have the opportunity to expand our own personal spiritual level of consciousness during our lifetime. Some choose not to pursue those opportunities and that is perfectly fine. Others have been actively searching for greater understanding of why they are here. They are looking to understand their purpose in life.

The higher Rays help us to see through the illusion of separation. We use them to remember our connection to our whole selves that has always been there. We are projected energy that originates in another dimension. This energy projects human consciousness into this physical dimension. When that energy is no longer projected into this dimension, when that energy is withdrawn, our experience here ends.

When you entered into this current lifetime, you had a personal energetic level that enabled the experiences that you have had up to now. We all have the ability to raise our personal energetic levels. Using the Rays is one way to achieve this. When we have raised our personal energetic levels to a certain point we are then able to move forward with the Rays of Soul Integration.

The Rays of Soul Integration

We use the Rays of Soul Integration to remind us of our connection to our whole self. As we embrace this reality, we raise our personal energetic level and we open to the opportunity of bringing more of our soul level consciousness into this physical dimension. When we do that, we create the opportunity to break through to New Awareness.

Let’s take a moment and briefly discuss the Rays of Soul Integration, Rays Eight through Ray Twelve. These Rays are considered new Rays since they have only been widely available since the latter part of the twentieth century.

The Eight Ray is generally referred to as the Cleansing Ray. It is often used in conjunction with the Seventh Ray which we refer to as the Gateway into Awareness. When used this way, it replenishes and rebalances the energy centers in the body. The Eighth Ray can also be used by itself to provide clarity. It is very desirable to have clarity when we are making decisions. The next time you have an important decision to make, I suggest you try using the Eighth Ray to help you. Remember, these Rays are tools to be used regularly.

The Ninth Ray helps us to consciously establish contact with our soul level consciousness. We have always been connected to our soul level conscious, but most of us have forgotten that connection. The first thing we do when working with this Ray is to loosen our ties to the physical world. We do that by expanding our personal identity to include who we are beyond this dimension. As we embrace our multidimensional identity, it becomes easier for us to remember our connection to our whole self.

Once we have remembered this connection, we then use the Ninth Ray to establish connection with our Body of Light. This is the really exciting part. When we have established that connection, we are then ready to move on to the Tenth Ray.

The Tenth Ray is called the Body of Light. The Body of Light is defined as that experience of self that we utilize when we leave the earth plane. Once we use the Ninth Ray to tune into this expression of self, we use the Tenth Ray to begin to anchor it into our physical structure. The Body of Light is a higher energetic model for our physical cells and has never been possible before in human existence. The Tenth Ray has never been applied or implemented in any universe the way it is in our universe now.

The Body of Light is a higher vibration than our physical human body. We must really change our individual energetic vibration in order to bring it into physical existence. We were told that we needed to achieve five goals in order to be able to bring in the Body of Light.

· Raise our personal energetic vibration which I have already mentioned.

· Released ourselves from the lower vibrations of emotion, i.e. fear, anger, shame, etc.

· Centered ourselves within our hearts.

· Disciplined ourselves away from our self-imposed limits.

· Surrendered to a reality beyond the restrictions in our dimension.

I go into greater detail about these five prerequisites in my new book. If you feel that you have already accomplished these goals, then congratulations. You are ready to continue on with the remaining Rays. If you are uncertain about where you are at with these five goals you can always begin to work with the remaining Rays and see how successful you are.

The Eleventh Ray is a bridge to new awareness, to new horizons. Think of the main purpose of a bridge. It helps you to cross over something that is some sort of obstacle. A bridge over a river for example. The Eleventh Ray helps you to eliminate any remaining remnants that are holding you back from expanding your consciousness to New Awareness. It is also a very balancing energy.

The Twelfth Ray is New Awareness. It is a combination of all of the Rays. It helps to open you to a new way of being, a new way of living and that is connected. This is the next step forward for humanity, living connected.

I have waited to write this third guidebook on the Rays of Soul Integration because I was myself not clear on what the New Awareness might be. Over the past two years, we have started a new conversation with our Team and through those discussions I have been able to understand better what they meant by the New Awareness. There is of course a more in depth discussion of this in the new book.

The Twelve Rays are tools that lead an individual on a personal journey of releasing restrictions from past incarnations, and also of course the current one, toward a goal of expanded awareness of their true nature. And as we embrace our true nature, we change the way we experience this dimension forever. What I mean is that we experience life here on Earth as never before. If you are ready to move forward, then I hope this new book works as a helpful resource for you.

Buy You Are More today and learn how to use the Rays of Soul Integration to open doors to higher level of consciousness and New Awareness. Click on the button below.

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