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The Second Ray - Love and Wisdom

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

The Second Ray is the Ray of Love and Wisdom. On this Ray, the great spiritual leaders and teachers exist. This Ray is your doorway to the higher mental concepts that pass down from source. As teachings from the spiritual hierarchy, concepts are placed in this universal mind. If you can allow yourself to stretch and open to these concepts, they are yours. Bring this Ray down as a band of light and wrap it around you from head to toe creating an energy cocoon.

Bring clarity to your thought, to your surroundings, to your situation, by surrounding your body in the aqua blue, the energy of wisdom.

Enjoy this original artwork by Melinda Radcliffe and original music composed and performed by Richard Shulman.

Want to learn practical everyday uses for the Twelve Rays? Click "Books" on the menu above to see the books I have written that provide practical examples for everyday issues.

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