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What Does It Take to Write a Book?

Have you ever written a book? I have written several and I thought it might be interesting to share the process. One of the first steps in writing a book is deciding what you want to write about. In reference to this newest book, I am writing about the Rays of Soul Integration, Rays Eight through Ray Twelve. They are the newest Rays and are part of the Twelve Rays.

The next step is deciding who your audience is. The intended audience for this book is anyone who is not satisfied with the old ways of thinking about personal identity, personal empowerment, energy, and spirituality.

The third step is the actual writing of the manuscript. This can take a while depending on many variables. One of the challenges, that every writer faces, is when to stop writing. You can wake up every morning and think of something that you want to add into your manuscript. One day you have to wake up and say that’s enough, no more additions.

The fourth step is to find a publisher to work with and submit the manuscript. Most books these days are self-published which means that the author pays the production and marketing costs. There are many publishers who are willing to work with authors who are self-publishing.

The next steps have no particular sequence to them, but they all need to be done. There needs to be cover design and book layout. You also need a catchy title. And then there is the editing. You can never fix all the typos by yourself. That is why you need an editor.

Once the book is actually printed, you need to start with the marketing. That is an entire blog by itself.

I want to share with you one of the aspects of marketing that I think is critical and that is the first paragraph of the book. People do evaluate a book based upon its cover. But the decision to buy usually requires a little more. I personally generally go to the table of contents when I evaluate a book. And then I read the first paragraph. Some people read the inside covers. Everyone has their own decision process for buying a book.

Here is the first paragraph from my new book which is entitled, “You Are More – Using the Rays of Soul Integration to break through to New Awareness”.

“The new, higher Rays, the Rays of Soul Integration are energetic tools that not only help you to remember your Divine connection, but they also help you to bring more of your soul level consciousness into this physical dimension and anchor that consciousness into your physical body. This enables you to actually experience more of your higher self, your whole self, in this lifetime. Raising your personal energetic level and anchoring your Body of Light into your physical body enables you to access higher levels of consciousness and opens you to new perspectives. These tools, these higher Rays, help you to believe that You Are More.”

What do you think? Does that first paragraph pique your interest enough to want to know more? If not, what would entice you to want to read more?

I thought it would be fun to share my experience with you as I continue with the process of creating a book from this manuscript. I’ll also be sharing some more of the content as we go. Stay tuned for the next blog.

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