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Where Are You From?

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Where are you from? If you are anything like me, I bet you have been asked that question more that once in your life. And a typical answer would reveal your place of birth, or the town you grew up in , or perhaps the town you think of as home.

In my last blog, Life Before Birth, I asked you to consider your life before you were born here on Earth. Hopefully, you have taken some time to ponder that question. If you haven’t, just stop here for a minute and think about it. It seems to me that if you believe that there is some part of you that exists after you leave your body here on Earth, then maybe that part of you existed before you moved into your earthly body.

You may say that your soul, that part of you that survives your earthly passing, was created at the time of your birth. And that is fine. But what if that is not the case? What if you existed before your human birth? Where is it you existed?

So, if I were to ask you, “Where were you from before this lifetime?”, then I would be asking you to name that place or at least describe it. It maybe tempting to answer heaven. But that just begs the question, “Where is heaven?” While this is an intriguing question, I’m not sure there is a well-accepted answer to it.

Maybe we could agree on a conceptual framework. It seems to me that wherever that place is, the place that we all are from, it isn’t anywhere around here. It may conceivably be somewhere else in the universe or perhaps in some other dimension.

I believe it is in some other dimension. Scientists tell us there are other dimensions and I’m just going to leave it at that. We can theorize that another dimension would probably be different than this one. Life in that other dimension would probably be different.

Many writers suggest that life exists in other dimensions as pure energy. That means that the inhabitants of such a dimension wouldn’t have physical bodies. They may not have any manifested matter at all. They would not live in houses as we think of them. They would not have cities and countries as we think of them.

What if time were different for them? They might not experience time as linear like we do. What if they had no sense of the past and the future? It was all just now. Perhaps they can even control time, speeding it up or slowing in down.

Their sense of connection might be different than ours. They might feel connected to each other in ways that we can hardly imagine and yet still maintain individual identities.

Perhaps they can manifest anything they choose to because they are pure energy. Imagine being able to create through thought alone and there being no delay between the time you had the thought and the manifestion of that thought.

And what about emotions? Would they feel human emotions like love and hate, compassion and greed etc.? We assume there is Divine Love but that is different than human love. I wonder how many humans have experienced Divine Love as it is experienced in this other dimension.

All of this paints a pretty inviting picture doesn’t it? Most of what I have just described is way different than human experience. If all of that is really who we are, just exactly what does that make us?

It makes us more than just humans. And that is the point of all this. While we are all here in this place having a human experience, there is still a bigger part of us back in that other place that is not restricted in form or shape, doesn’t suffer with the fears of the grief, the loss, the abandonment, the fear of death. In that other place, our home, there is a knowing of who we are and a constant connection to Divine Love.

That is why I can confidently tell people, “You Are More! Let Your Light Shine!”

What do you think?

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