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Why Are You Here?

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

In my last blog I asked the question, “Where are you from?” I discussed the notion that our real home is not here on earth but in some other dimension. And I asked you to consider some of the attributes of that other dimension and how they might be different from the way things are in this dimension. It seems to me that we could very quickly come to the conclusion that the earth is an environment of limitations, a relative environment when compared to our home environment.

If our true home is much less restrictive than this dimension, then the next question I have for you is, “Why are you here?” Actually, “Why are any of us here?” But for right now let's just focus on you. Why are you here? There are a couple of assumptions you can have about being here. The first is that life is random and you just found yourself here. The second is that you came here by choice because your life is created by the choices you make. Or perhaps you believe in a combination of both, some chance and some choice.

I think the best way to start to answer the question is to think about why in this dimension on earth you travel. Why do you leave your home wherever it is and go somewhere else either to visit or perhaps just for vacation? And one of the most common answers is most likely to be because I want to see it. I haven't been there before. I don't know what it's like. I want to experience something different.

So, let's use that same line of thinking and apply it to our life here in this dimension on earth. Could it be that we come here because it offers us something that's different than what we experience in our home environment? And if that sounds reasonable what might it be that we're looking to experience?

The answer to that question is probably very personal. Let me suggest that no matter what your individual reason maybe for coming here we all inevitably wind up experiencing at least one thing in common and that is the notion of separation.

I mentioned in my last blog that we are all connected in our home dimension in a way that is probably difficult for human minds to understand. So, what if we come here to experience something that is dramatically different than our normal experience back home? What if we come here to experience separation?

Human birth is probably our first experience of separation in this world. Psychologists have written volumes about the psychological trauma related to birth both for the mother and the baby. There can sometimes also be physical trauma that requires intervention by the medical team. Thankfully, the bond between the mother and the newborn is usually very strong.

A young child’s connection to its parent is very important. Have you ever noticed a young child, or perhaps you can remember when this happened to you when you were young, who becomes separated from its parents, mother or father, how terrified it is, how lost it seems, and how difficult it is to console it until he or she is reunited with that parent?

But there is another kind of trauma that you often don’t hear much about. Imagine yourself being born into an environment where you feel alone for the very first time. That might be a little terrifying. When we enter this world, we find ourselves in an environment of restrictions.

There are different rules here as opposed to our home environment. This combination of separation and restricted consciousness causes Spiritual Discord, a term which the team uses to describe our coping with this relative world. I’ll have more to say about Spiritual Discord in subsequent blogs.

One of the benefits of believing that you are disconnected from others is that you can clearly see the effect of the choices you make. You can clearly understand cause and effect. For any given scenario there are multiple choices and for each choice there are probable outcomes. So, we make a choice and we get to experience the result of that decision.

You are reading this blog right now because of a personal choice you made. You are where you are in your life right now because of all the choices that you have made up till now. So, here's the good news, if you're not satisfied with where you're at right now you can change it by making different choices. You have the ability to change your life based on making different choices.

Does that seem too simple? I hope not.

Now here's the fun part. When you truly understand that your life is based on the choices you make, when you truly understand that you create your own reality, then you can look at this illusion of separation and see it as just that, an illusion. For in reality, none of us were ever really separated. We were just able to believe in the illusion of separation.

The reasons we travel to this earthly dimension are varied and probably change with each trip we make. When we are satisfied that we have had the full scope of experiences that this dimension offers, we move on to other dimensions.

So, enjoy the journey! After all you planned it and you have a round trip ticket.

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