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This kit contains the material to assemble all five of the Platonic solids. The Platonic solids are traditionally shown nested within the two dimensional image of Metatron's cube. These three dimensional models of the Platonic solids help us to visualize Metatron's cube in three dimensions. This is very import in facilitating our understanding of how these shapes form a three dimensional Metatron's cube.


This kit contain everything you need to assemble all five of the Platonic solids. The edges of each shape are made of wood and the vertexes are made of plastic. Just insert the wooded edges into the vertexes and the shape will reveal itself. It is as simple as that. Start with the tetrahedron and watch as the pyramid is easily assembled. Continue building more complex images as you go. The six sided hexahedron is the familiar cube. The octahedron is the familiar diamond shape. Then the twelve sided dodecahedron and finally the twenty sided icosahedron. Have fun assembling all five shapes. 

Platonic Solid Kit

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  • The Platonic solids are geometric forms that are the basic building blocks of the universe. Electromagnetic energy manifests into matter through these shapes. Working with the individuals shapes helps us to better understand the relationship among the shapes whe nthen move including the dual relations that exist between the hexahedron and the octahedron, the icosahedrona and the dodecahedron, and the tetrahedron and its inverted self.

    Once you have assemled each one of the shapes examine them more closely. Image each one nested with the others forming Metatron's cube. Then imagine these three dimensional figures rotating together and generating energy through their rotation. Vary the speed and direction and the energy will shift.

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