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Assemble Your Own Platonic Solids.

Look what happens when you nest all five of the Platonic solids together. You get a 3D Metatron’s cube. I started with my Platonic solid set that I now sell on my website,, and I adjusted the length of some of the edges of some of the shapes, and it all came together. Then I painted each shape a different color to help make them stand out. Here is the result.

I hope you can see the red colored tetrahedron. There is an inverted one also which creates a Merkaba. The cube appears in this picture as blue, but it is really green. The other blueish shape closer to the middle is the octahedron. The dodecahedron is dark blue. You can see its brown vertexes in the middle of the purple triangles of the icosahedron.

This is the first Metatron’s cube that I have assembled using the nested Platonic solids. What I like about it is I can hold it in my hands and really feel the energy coming from it. When I hold it in my hands, it is really easy for me to visualize it in my mind’s eye.

If you are interested in a Metatron’s cube like this one, I suggest you start with the same kit I started with that contains all the pieces to assemble the five Platonic solids.

Here is a picture of what you can assemble using the kit I sell on my website.

There is no better way to become familiar with the Platonic solids and Metatron’s cube in 3D than to own your own set. Get yours today! If you act during this Facebook promotion, you’ll get free shipping. Sorry to my international friends. I am currently only shipping these within the United States.

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