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Easy to Read Booklets

 Free Booklets That Introduce Losing My Religion, Embracing Yor Spirituality, and Metatron's Cube 


Here is the Free Download of
"Losing My Religion" 

This booklet entitled "Losing My Religion" is a short overview of what it is like to question your religious beliefs. Click the PDF button below to download.

Here is What's Inside

A Roadmap

You are not the first one to question their reigious beliefs. There are many who have traveled down this same road. I share some of my personal experiences with you.

Support and Encouragement

The reward is a new level of understanding who you are and why you are here. There is help available along the way.

Here is the Free Download of
"Embracing My Spirituality "

You don't have to turn into a saint in order to embrace your spirituality. Your are a multidimensional entity existing in this dimension and beyond. Click the PDF button below.

Embraacing Your Spirituality.jpg

The Next Part of Your Journey

New Roadmap

This is your roadmap for the next part of your journey. It is divided into five segments. 

What to Expect

This part of the journey can be like a super roller coaster filled with ups and downs. This roadmap prepares you for what may be around the corner.

You Don't Have to be a Saint to Embrace Your Spirituality

This part of the journey doesn't require you to live like a saint. Opening to your higher consciousness allows you to be in greater alignment with your soul's purpose for this lifetime.

Here is the Free Download of
"Unlocking Metatron's Cube. "

This booklet entitled "Unlocking Metatron's Cube" is a great introduction to the basics of Metatron's cube and the Platonic solids. Click the PDF button below.


In this booklet I cover

What is Metatron's Cube

Why is it so important to change the image of Metatron's cube from a two-dimensional flat image to a vivid three-dimensional image?

The Platonic Solids

You don't have to be a math wizard to understand the five Platonic solids.

Concepts like Dimensions, Consciousness, and Creating Matter

The Platonic solids work to move human consciousness between dimensions. Through them, all matter is manifested in our universe.

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