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Overflow the Cup

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Some animals when they grow larger have interesting strategies for coping with their expanded size. Some shed their skin. Others shed their shells. If you are lucky enough to be human, then you don’t need to do anything like that. Human skin constantly expands as the body grows.

Consider for a moment your spiritual growth. We all come into our lifetimes with a certain amount of consciousness that is from beyond this dimension. Here is a brief discussion that the Team shared with us concerning this.

“Coming into this relative world in this physical body, you were a cup of energy with boundaries that you set as you entered this world. It is time to overflow the glass and expand your boundaries and understand what fills that cup and how it can exist beyond the boundaries that were set when you first moved into this environment.”

As you continue to experience life, your spiritual awareness may grow. You may shed the religious teaching that you were taught as a child. Maybe this set you on a journey to find what else was out there that could satisfactorily explain things. You know the basic question, “Why am I here?” “What is life all about?” Those deep soul-searching questions. And as you found more and more answers, you continued to grow spiritually. But what happens when you outgrow the boundaries that were originally set? How do you make room so that your spiritual consciousness can continue to grow?

Have you ever thought of yourself as a Matryoshka doll? You know those cute wooden stacking dolls that come from Russia. You probably haven’t. What if you are very similar to a Matryoshka doll? Let’s imagine your stackable dolls have a total of seven dolls that fit within each other. The largest doll contains all the others. The smallest doll is all alone. If you believe that you are a spiritual being having a physical experience, then we can equate your soul level consciousness, what I like to refer to as your whole self , to the largest doll that contains all the other dolls. As you step down through the dimensions, each smaller doll represents your consciousness at any particular level. The smallest doll represents your consciousness at the densest level, the physical level...i.e. Earth.

You came into your present life with certain intentions, certain experiences that you wanted to have. As you have those experiences and integrate them into your consciousness, you may find that they contribute to your spiritual growth. You may find that your cup is becoming filled.

The good news is that you don’t have to stop your spiritual growth. You can keep on going where your heart leads you. As I continued with the Team during the session that I quoted from earlier, I asked this question, “You mean you can change the rules as you go along?” Here is their answer.

“You can change whatever you decide to change. You have the power to remake yourself each and every moment. Just discover how that energy exists. You can exist beyond the limits of the cup. You are dynamic and changing if you let yourself be.”

How do you remake yourself? How do you create a bigger cup? You start with the limiting beliefs you have about yourself at the present time. Remember you create your own reality based on the beliefs that you currently hold. We all hold limiting beliefs about what we are capable of achieving and experiencing in this reality.

Imagination is a key to reshaping your life. Take a moment and imagine how your life could be different. Close your eyes and really try to visualize how it could be different. Perhaps you have financial problems? Envision yourself becoming debt free. Perhaps you have relationship issues? See yourself in happy, loving relationships. Use your imagination! It costs nothing to dream. Remember that everything that you have manifested in your life started out as an idea before it ever became part of your reality.

As you use your imagination to visualize a brighter future for yourself, you may begin to sense some hesitation. You may begin to hear that little voice in your head offer resistance. “Who do you think you are to imagine you can create such a reality for yourself?”, you might hear. The answer is quite clear. You are the creator of your own reality. You are in charge.

Allow me to offer some help. The Twelve Rays are tools to identify resistance to change and move beyond the resistance. They are tools to help you manifest the visions that you create for yourself using your imagination. They help you create your spiritual growth through your personal experiences.

And when you are ready for a new cup, when you are ready to see yourself as the next doll in line, the new, higher Rays are tools to help you expand yourself beyond the cup that originally held your energy. They help you to construct that new cup that has plenty of room in it for your continued spiritual growth. To learn more about how the Rays can be used as tools to build a new cup, check out my website,, and take a look at my books about the Twelve Rays. Be sure to check out the Twelve Rays webinars also.

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