Welcome! My name is Michael Love.

I'm on a mission to share messages that we have received over the past 15 years that convey corrections to truths that have been distorted over time.

        - You are not broken. You don’t need to be fixed. You don’t need to be saved.


You are having a human experience and You Are More than who you think you are!

Let me help you to free your imagination as I dare you to open to your individual greatness.


I invite you to look over the information that I have shared in my blogs and in my books about your multidimensional nature, your connection to your magnificent physical body, and your role as creator and healer using Metatron's Cube, the Platonic Solids, and the Twelve Rays.  



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You Are More 

The Twelve Rays

Metatron's Cube and the Platonic Solids

My Books


Spiritual Self-Help

In "The Reality of Your Greatness", I share my personal journey though the Twelve Rays. All the  information about the Rays was received during sessions with our "Team".


Practical Applications - Part 1 

Using the First Three Rays 

This first workbook offers a detailed understanding of the First Three Rays, the Rays of Aspect. I refer to these Ray as our Divine Inheritance. Practical exercises are given for each Ray. 


Rays Four through Ray Seven

Be done with pain and suffering. Learn to Create your Life with Grace and Ease. Master the Rays of Experience, Rays Four through Seven, to create Harmony, Balance, and Opportunity.

        New Release


Rays Eight through Ray Twelve

These higher Rays  help us to raise our individual levels of consciousness to understand that we are multidimensional beings living here in this third dimension while simultaneously living in another dimension, the fifth. We are more than we think we are.


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