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New Awareness - The Twelfth Ray

The Twelfth Ray is a combination of all the Rays. It opens us to all the possibilities that are available through all the Rays. The energy of this Ray is most harmonizing and will increase the vibration of wherever it is directed. I suggest you start out by directing it toward yourself.

Here is how the Team first described the Twelfth Ray to us.

“The Twelfth Ray is New Awareness. It is a combination of all Rays, all possibilities. See it as a golden luminescent energy and it is the best of the Rays to bring in when you are seeking New Awareness. It is literally the embodiment of all the Rays. It will increase the vibration of wherever it is directed. We have talked many times about the tapestry that each of you creates, a weave of energy, some weaves more intricate, some more allowing, And as you work with these Rays, the higher Rays along with the other Rays, you create a melody, you change the weave, you raise the vibrations of each and every soul.”

Focus on the artwork below and the accompanying music. The intention here is to connect with the energy of the Ray. Make contact with it and feel it as best as you can. You may want to have a piece of paper and something to write with available in order to capture any insights you receive while doing this exercise.

If you would like to learn more about the Twelfth Ray, New Awareness, I invite you to look over my new book on the Rays of Soul Integration, "You Are More", which includes the Twelfth Ray. There is an entire chapter devoted to new concepts that I believe are part of the New Awareness. Those concepts are just a launching point for your New Awareness. The book is available on Amazon. Click here to be taken to my Amazon page.

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