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The Bridge to New Awareness

The Eleventh Ray is referred to as the Bridge to New Awareness. If you read my earlier book, “The Reality of Your Greatness”, you worked with one of my favorite guided journeys which I refer to as the Bridge Meditation. I've been using the metaphor of a bridge for years and I find it to be quite effective. Consider for a moment what a bridge represents. It is a structure that connects you from one place to another. Often a bridge is built across water and metaphorically water often represents our emotions.

When we use the Eleventh Ray, we're not creating a bridge over water. We are bridging over states of awareness. Physical bridges allow us to bypass physical obstacles like water. Likewise, the Eleventh Ray can help us to bypass obstacles that are preventing us from reaching a New Awareness. The obstacles I'm talking about are likely to be beliefs that we are still holding on to. They could be habituated patterns that we use as coping strategies. They could be emotional blockages that we have stored in our physical body.

A good way to work with these obstacles to a New Awareness is by using the Seventh and Eight Rays. Now that we've arrived at the higher Rays and have worked with the Tenth Ray and begun to anchor in the Body of Light, we can use the Eleventh Ray to remove any remaining remnants that are actively blocking our access to our New Awareness.

Let me share with you briefly how the team described the Eleventh Ray.

“The Eleventh Ray is a bridge, a bridge to New Awareness, to new horizons. It is the next level for humanity and Earth. You may picture it as an orange pink luminescent energy. A combination of the First, the Second, and the Fifth Ray, with of course the white light of Source added. It is very special for it is the next era of living for humanity and for Earth. The First Ray is very penetrating, the Second Ray softens, and the Fifth Ray is again more penetrating.

So, you may ask, what is it penetrating? What does it need to penetrate at this level? It is a remnant remover you could say. As the opportunity comes closer and as you approach that final cleansing, the final removal of the remnants of what has been will be cleared out.”

I’m going to ask you to again focus on the artwork below and the accompanying music. The intention here is to connect with the energy of the Ray. Make contact with it and feel it as best as you can.

If you would like to learn more about the Eleventh Ray, the Bridge to New Awareness, I invite you to look over my new book on the Rays of Soul Integration, "You Are More", which includes the Eleventh Ray. It is available on Amazon. Click here to be taken to my Amazon page.

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