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Unlock Metatron's Cube for Yourself

This is a 3D image of Metatron’s cube. You might notice that the circles and lines are gone. Instead, you can very clearly see the five Platonic solids nested within each other.

This is a functional image of Metatron’s cube in 3D. Visualizing the movement of the five Platonic solids within Metatron’s cube is key to understanding how each cube creates its own energy.

Why does each Metatron’s cube create its own energy? How does it work to manifest matter in our third dimension?

You can find the answers to these questions and many more in my new video, “Unlocking Metatron’s Cube”. It is available free of charge on my website, And if you would like to dive more deeply into Metatron’s cube, there is also a free booklet that you can download which covers even more topics relating to Unlocking Metatron’s cube.

Once you unlock Metatron’s cube and visualize the Platonic solids moving around inside generating energy, you will appreciate that there is even more to discover about Metatron’s cube.

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