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A Modern Metaphor for Life Force Energy

Do the old religious metaphors and rituals no longer work for you? Are you seeking a personal connection in your spirituality? Discover a modern metaphor of spirituality that provides easily understandable energetic tools that support you in your spiritual journey in the 21st century.

Many traditions speak of life force energy. It goes by many names. Some traditions refer to this life force as qi, or chi, or ki, some call it prana, there are many other words that have a similar meaning. Ancient practices were developed in the East that are based upon effectively working with this energy. It is estimated that over 20 percent of the world’s population currently practices Tai Chi. Most are familiar with other practices such as Qigong and Reiki. Yoga is another ancient eastern practice that has become increasingly popular in the West.

I cannot find a corresponding practice in the West. Instead we have fitness centers where individuals work with machines and exercise their muscles and tone their bodies. You won’t hear anyone talking about universal life force energy on the treadmills or step masters.

I believe that the Twelve Rays are a modern metaphor for this life force energy. As we move deeper into the digital age, concepts such as energy, wavelengths, particles, quantum physics, all open mankind’s awareness to new ways of thinking about the nature of reality. The Rays represent functional energy that can be directed by individuals. This energy is real. You can feel it. You can direct it. You can benefit from it.

Here is how the energy of the Rays has been described.

“From the heart of Source emanate the Twelve Rays and as these Rays lower in intensity through the dimensions, they create as you are being created, light….This light, it is the life force that carries the energy of whom you are, your experience through this life and in between. It emanates out through your electronic body into your auric field. It flows through your brain cells. It sparks life in your muscles. It moves thought. It carries, it carries and communicates all these actions back to Source.”

The Twelve Rays are divided into three groups. The first three Rays, the Rays of Aspect, come directly from Source, or the Creator, or All That Is, or God. They represent our Divine Heritage as children of the Divine. The First Ray, Divine Will, is the creative force of thought. It is thought which manifests energy into matter. The Second Ray is the Ray of Love and Wisdom. That description speaks for itself. The Third Ray is the Ray of Active Intelligence. This is how we manifest our desires. The Law of Attraction is part of this Ray.

I see these first three Rays as a modern, energetic metaphor for the Christian trinity. Instead of representing the essence of God in human form, the Rays use energy as the metaphor. The Father is the Creative force. The Son represents the energy of Love and Wisdom. And the Holy Spirit is the manifestation force. And instead of being distant from us, these energies reside within each and every one of us.

Four thousand years ago, mankind understood the concept of a vengeful God who needed to be pacified, otherwise there were serious, dire consequences to pay. The ravages of nature, war, pestilence could be unleashed on those not in God’s good standing.

Two thousand years ago, mankind understood a God, a father figure with a long beard and a white robe, who passed judgment on all based on their faithfulness to his commandments. The judgment was for all eternity.

In the twenty-first century, mankind sees the universe as energy. Is it time to embrace a new metaphor for the Creator? One that is more consistence with our understanding of the universe that we inhabit? The Twelve Rays offer such a new, modern metaphor. Along with this new metaphor for the Trinity comes a new cosmology and a new code of morals based upon our acceptance of our own Divinity.

The next group of Rays, Rays Four through Seven, are the Rays of Attributes. They are tools for our Earthly experiences and are sub-rays of the Third Ray. We give them the names of Harmony Through Conflict, Concrete Knowledge, Idealism and Devotion, and the Seventh Ray is referred to as the Gateway to Knowledge. It is also known as the Violet Flame of St. Germain.

Each of us accesses varying amounts of the energies in these first, three Rays of Attributes, Rays Four through Six, depending on what we are experiencing, our personality, our mission, the Plan, and when we were called upon. The Seventh Ray is used to transmute the weightiness of past experience. We use the Eighth Ray in conjunction with the Seventh Ray to then cleanse and balance our individual energy.

The third group of Rays, Rays Eight through Twelve, have only been available since the last half of the twentieth century. They are the Rays of Soul Integration. It is time for humanity to advance itself by raising up its collective energy along with the energy of the planet. The Rays of Soul Integration allow us to bring in more of our soul’s energy into this physical dimension. This will lead us collectively into a transformation that is referred to as the New Awareness. There is much that needs to be done before we reach this point. Any attempt to describe what this New Awareness will look like is purely speculation in my mind.

The Twelve Rays represent a new, modern metaphor of the Christian Trinity. They represent a new cosmology and a new moral and social order of personal power which is based on mankind’s progress over the past two thousand years. I will go into this more deeply in my next blog.

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