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What's Going on in the Cells of Your Body?

The cells in your body are decidedly more complex than you ever learned about in school as you can hopefully see in this beautiful picture of a human cell. Modern scientific research is able to use technology to identify the complex internal interactions that your cells have and the communications they have with each other. Most scientists, however, don’t consider consciousness in their research. That seems to me to be a key missing component in understanding the cells in your body. We have cells that haven't yet been discovered that exist within our body.

It is estimated that there are about 37 trillion cells in your body. The question I would like to ask you is this, “Are you separate from the cells in your body”? Take a moment to think about that. Perhaps you've never been asked that question before!

In my previous blog entitled Your Mind is More, I suggested that the mind exists in every cell. So as a way of answering the above question, you exist in every cell. So, my answer to that above question is, no I am not different from the cells in my body.

The cells in your body are more than just physical. They are a part of the energy or the light that is you. They enter into human form as you enter into life and they will depart with you leaving behind that physical structure that you no longer need. You haven't lost anything. In fact, the experience and the wisdom of your life go back home with you to be used as you continue to evolve.

Every day we create millions of new cells to replace the ones that are worn out. We are regenerating new cells all the time. The interesting thing about this regeneration is that we are both the mother and the father to these new cells. Being a male myself it is an interesting concept to consider being the mother of my new cells.

Cells not only just grow within us. They also develop within us. So, what does it mean that cells develop within us? If you believe that cells have not only consciousness but also intelligence, then they develop based upon our thoughts and our beliefs. Those thoughts and beliefs create limits not only for ourselves but also for our cells. We teach our body and our cells what they are capable of and where the limits are.

We cultivate an environment within our body based upon the restrictions of our beliefs. So, if we hold the belief that healing must take a certain length of time or that we are incapable of healing certain illnesses or diseases or imbalances, this is the message we teach the cells as they move from a state of birth to maturity.

They gain instruction through the environment that's all around them. We create and sustain this environment based upon what we consume. You may think of food when I mention consumption and being aware of what we eat is very important. But what we consume the most of is air. What we consume in every breath is the tension, the stress, the disease, the limitations not just of our own but of our culture, our society, and our world. We maintain our internal environment based upon our thoughts and our beliefs.

Is it time to clean up our thoughts? Is it time to deal with our internal pollution? We are regenerating new cells all the time. In fact, we generate millions of new cells every day. When you change your internal environment, when you embrace new thought patterns, when you change your beliefs, these new cells are released from the old limits, the old patterns.

In addition to changing the environment in which the cells develop, we can also honor the cells by connecting with them, by inviting them to communicate with us. When we do this, we instruct the cells to honor themselves as we are honoring them.

After thousands of years of evolution in our world we must continue to grow and change. I ask you, have you thought about that single cell and its desire to live? Have you considered what you could become if you paid attention to the brilliance that you occupy? Are you wise enough to manage, to handle the enormous responsibility that you would perceive in your world to control what you would call your ego and direct that power to change the world?

What you think today can dramatically change as you realize your potential. I'd like to emphasize here again, that the cells in your body are more than just physical.

If you would like to read some present day research about the cells in our body, I suggest this remarkably informative book by Dr. Jon Lieff entitled, “ The Secret Language of Cells: What Biological Conversations Tell Us About the Brain-Body Connection, the Future of Medicine, and Life Itself”.

If you are wondering if any of this information has an impact on healing, it most certainly does. I believe that all dysfunction and imbalance is an attempt by the body to communicate, to be the voice for the cells. In my next blog, I will talk about connection, connection with the consciousness of the body and the cells and how we can affect healing through those connections.

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