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Your Body is More!

Any trip is more enjoyable when you pack appropriately for it. If we exist as pure energy or light in our true home in some other dimension, when we come to Earth for a visit, we need to wear something appropriate. What would be suitable for a trip to a planet composed of dense matter? I guess something that is also composed of dense matter.

If you saw the movie Avatar a few years ago, the scientists created an avatar that they could project their consciousness into. It allowed them to roam the planet freely without any additional equipment. The otherwise toxic atmosphere was native to the avatar’s planet. It also allowed them to blend into the native population. The first time I saw that movie, it became clear to me that the process of projecting into the body of the avatar was very similar to our own human birth.

When we are born, our human body is uniquely designed to support our journey here in this world. The blending of our consciousness with our physical bodies is so seamless that we can completely forget where we came from. We can readily believe in the illusion of separation. And while this separation at birth may have some side effects, it allows us freedom of thought, freedom of choice, and freedom of independent action.

The human body has an amazing design and most of us are unaware of many of its capabilities. It contains over 30 trillion cells. These cells all have intelligence and communicate with each other and the body as a whole. The processes in a single cell are actually mind-blowing. The average cell for example contains about five million ribosomes. Ribosomes synthesize proteins for use inside the cell. They can also be released into the blood stream. Each cell has up to five million processes going at a time.

Cells combine to form the structures of the body, bones, tissue, muscles, nerves, etc. They also combine to form organs throughout the body. There are all kinds of processes happening on a continual basis throughout the body and some level of consciousness is monitoring them all.

And our body is of course communicating with our consciousness. The question is, “Are we listening?”

You might say that the body communicates with us on several levels and perhaps the primary level is the level of survival; the level of food, shelter, rest, and security. When we are born, we immediately began to sense the messages that our body is sending to us. We can sense hot and cold and we desire to be in a comfortable environment. We can sense hunger and we indicate when we would like to be nourished. We can sense the need to eliminate waste from our body. We can sense when we are tired and our body needs to rest and replenish.

There is a second level of communication within the body and it is perhaps the one that we are least aware of. The body seeks homeostasis which can be defined as a relatively stable equilibrium among physiological processes. It is constantly monitoring itself and making adjustments so that everything is running smoothly. We don’t have to concern ourselves during the course of a day with our internal chemical levels, our heart rate, our respiration, etc. And when everything is running smoothly, we pretty much forget about it.

There's a third level of communication with our body that is much more subtle. It's not subtle in the fact that we don't know, don't feel it, but it’s subtle in the fact that we don't conceive of it as communication. I'm talking about the messages our body sends us like pain, discomfort, feeling out of sorts, even things like skin rashes. All dysfunction and imbalance is an attempt by the body to communicate, to be the voice of the cells. What if we started to consider symptoms like a runny nose, or a fever, or a pain, or indigestion as a message from our body? We might consider a different response than just popping a pill from a bottle.

Think of your body as a planet, just like earth, and all of the cells are people on the planet. Perhaps you can think of the large organs of the body as continents. And while the organs of the abdomen are somewhat close to each other, the organs of the head are pretty far away. There needs to be communication and coordination among the various parts.

There is also an ecosystem within your body. The temperature is constantly monitored and immediate action is taken when an imbalance occurs. The air quality is also constantly monitored and when necessary the respiration is adjusted appropriately. Our water levels are also constantly monitored for the desired levels and consistency. The quality of our air and water is constantly monitored along with our temperature. Sounds pretty much like an ecosystem to me.

There are many influences both internal and external that can affect our body. Most of the time we don’t need to be alerted to these situations. But sometimes there are important issues that need our attention, and the body sends us messages. The question is, are we listening?

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