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Spiritual, not Religious

There is a world of difference between being spiritual and being religious. When you are spiritual, you understand yourself to be a multidimensional being. The old story of who we are and why we are here that is taught by the major Western religions is just that. It is the old story. It is a story for a different time. It is a story for people who had a different understanding of life.

We live in the twenty-first century and people all over the world are embracing a new story. This new story is not being taught in churches on Sunday mornings. The new story is being spread on social media. It is in books, and webinars, and podcasts. This new story is about spirituality. It is about understanding that you are an energetic being who chose to come to this relative dimension to have a human experience. And you will return back to the place where you came from when you are done with this current human experience.

There are many names that people use to describe that part of you that resides elsewhere. Some call it your spirit self. Others call it your higher self. I like to refer to it as your whole self. And that elsewhere where that part of you resides beyond this relative dimension has several names. Some call it the fifth dimension. I like to just refer to it as another dimension.

Spirituality is based on the concept that all of us are multidimensional beings.

A short guide to embacing your spirituality.
Free booklet

When you embrace your spirituality, you see yourself as more than what you have been taught by the major Western religions. You see yourself as a multidimensional energetic being who is having a physical experience in this third dimension while simultaneously existing in another dimension. You see yourself as the creator of your own reality.

I have written a short booklet called “Embracing Your Spirituality”. It is my hope that this booklet will help support individuals who find themselves on this part of their journey. I hope that it will provide some amount of encouragement to those who are encountering obstacles. There is light at the end of the tunnel. There are others who have traveled this same journey. It is worth the effort.

The booklet is available free of charge on my website, . I invite you to download the booklet and read it at your convenience.

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